Top reasons why engineered wood flooring works best in high traffic areas

Homes and offices certainly need the best engineered wood flooring for high traffic areas. High traffic areas must endure lots of rough treatment that could end in scuffs, gouges, scratches, dents, as well as other varying impacts. These could ultimately ruin the floor’s finish, alter the floor material’s texture, or even bring about damage that is permanent in nature. Consequently, these areas need tough and highly durable flooring. This article highlights the varying advantages of considering the engineered wood flooring option for areas that receive high foot traffic in both commercial and residential spaces.

Best Engineered Wood Flooring For High Traffic
Best Engineered Wood Flooring For High Traffic

1. Exceptionally durable

Unlike conventional hardwood, engineered wood is comprised of several layers of plywood rather than just a single plank. Every one among the several layers is placed in varying directions and the structure makes the material a lot more stable than conventional hardwood. Above these layers, a veneer of true hardwood is pressed together to provide it with the appearance of real hardwood. Consequently, engineered wood can tolerate moisture damage like swelling, warping, or even cracking a lot better than hardwood flooring. It is also able to endure heavy footsteps and consistent pressure without even budging at all.

2. Looks a lot like real wood

Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring options. This is as a result of its look, warmth, and the elegant style it offers to any space in which it is installed. Nevertheless, engineered wood still remains one of the best floors for high traffic areas. Hardwood isn’t the best choice for such areas because it isn’t sufficiently durable to withstand all potential damages. This is where the engineered option emerges as the most ideal solution.

It resembles real wood because the topmost layer of the material is produced from 100% wood that ranges from maple, ash, oak, to Brazilian walnut. Therefore, it provides you with an excellent opportunity to design your residential or commercial space’s high traffic zones with the feel and appearance of real wood.

3. Available in varying finishes

Engineered wood can be gotten prefinished featuring a durable coating that offers the surface, durability, and luster of real hardwood. The finish is quite durable and could last for many years. This means that you neither have to worry about surface ruins like dents and scratches nor would you need to refinish the floor for many years.

4. Affordable option

Engineered wood flooring is not as costly as conventional hardwood yet offers much better resistance and durability than hardwood. If you do not have the large budget that you might need to splurge on hardwood, then it could be truly wise to take going for engineered flooring into consideration.

When you make the correct flooring choice, you will not have to worry about any failed project. Engineered wood is a perfect option for high traffic areas. If you are seeking the best engineered wood flooring for high traffic areas, whether for a residential or commercial space, just contact any of the foremost suppliers. Such reliable and trustworthy vendors always supply a great and wide selection of quality and trusted global brands when it concerns wood flooring.

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