Top 5 Cloud Applications for Handling Files

The newest trend in modern computing is “the cloud.” Cloud computing gives users the freedom to store and share data in an online location instead of a fixed location, like a computer hard drive or a server.

Individuals and businesses alike can benefit from cloud computing; aside from the convenience of being able to access information from anywhere, cloud applications allow users to collaborate on projects in real-time. But not all cloud services are created equal. Check out these five cloud applications, and choose which works best for you.cloudcomputing1 Top 5 Cloud Applications for handling Files

Microsoft Office Web Apps

For MS Office users on the go, Office Web Apps is a perfect solution for creating and modifying documents without carrying a laptop or a USB drive. Each of the Office suite programs is available, and most have full capabilities. Users can access Web Apps by signing into the Web Apps website with their Windows Live ID.

Google Docs

Google is usually at the forefront of online tools, and Google Docs is a great example of what happens when Google gets it right. Their web-based office suite includes spreadsheets, text documents, presentations and forms each part of Google’s office suite has an analogue to Microsoft Word, so it’s great for students who don’t use a single computer or who want to back up their work.


Dropbox is a cloud storage service, which works like an online hard drive: you can save documents, music and much more on a Dropbox account. The advantages to using Dropbox include the ability to share large folders of an information college student working on an online degree can give her instructor access to her assignments, and the instructor can give feedback immediately. Dropbox is free for the first two gigabytes of storage; the $9.99 per month service gives users 50 gigabytes of storage.

For Mac users, is a cloud-based complement to Apple’s iWork office suite. While it’s created for Mac users, can be used across platformsPC’s and iPads can run iWork, which means Mac users and PC users can share data online quickly and easily. is still in beta, but users with iWork can sign up to use the service. IPadiWork Top 5 Cloud Applications for handling Files


Nivio is the first Windows-based online desktop that includes web versions of software commonly used by both students and businesses. Nivio offers a 30-day trial and will be available for US users later this year.

Cloud applications are quickly becoming an integral part of everyday computing, and the advantages can sometimes outweigh the risks. For businesses looking to stay mobilePubg pc, for individuals who want quick and easy access to their data, and for students who have to juggle half a dozen classes and class materials, cloud apps can save time, money and sanity.

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