Tips to Keep Your Hair Dryer Working Perfectly for Long

Apollo Hair Dryer

An electric hair dryer is characterized to produce an instant blow of cool, warm and hot air that helps in drying and styling the hairs. These hair dryers are mechanized in such a manner that they are easy to handle because of their lightweight. The air flow is even easily directed because of its lightweight.

This Apollo Hair Dryer contains a very long coil of thin wire that is developed to produced heat. A jet of warm air is blown by a fan that is situated on the back of the heating element which carries this hear through the nozzle in the direction it flows. The thermostat present in the hair dryer cuts off the power to prevent burning of the motor in case if the airflow is obstructed or if the air becomes too hot.

A typical hair dryer includes of an on/off switch, a fan-speed switch with a fan and motor along with a heat switch. The dryers that have the larger hood-types works on the principles that are just the same as the key parts. The heated styling brushes are essentially the same with context to functions, parts, and repairs.

Tips that can be helpful in making the hair dryers last long

There is no rule that one needs to replace the dryer just because it looks old even if it seems to be working finely. However, it is very important to keep a strong eye on it as these old dryers have a very peculiar habit to have a higher risk of overheating. The Apollo Hair Dryer that is new comes with a better technology that has safety switch cases that cut off power to the dryer once it starts overheating. But, majorly, longevity and life depend on how often and to what extent is one using it.

Here are the two ways that are very helpful in extending the lifespan of the Apollo Hair Dryer. They are:

  • Storing the hair appliances properly: It is very important to take care of the hair appliances properly. One must avoid wrapping the cord of the hot tool immediately after use around its body. This is because organizing the cord instantly after using damages that tools. Constantly wrapping the cord tightly around the object can lead to slow wearing away of the cord as it actually receives a higher amount of stress from the tighter angles created. Rather than doing this, it is advised to collect the cord in a loose If one has multiple hot tools, then just tie a twist-tie around the cord so that you can distinguish them. The exposed wires are very hazardous as they can shock you.
  • Cleaning the appliances properly and occasionally: There is a little vent at the back or at the side of the hair dryer. One just needs to pop off the vent cover and clean out the lint. This is to be done on a monthly basis if one is using the dryer at least thrice a week. Cleaning is very important as dirty dryer causes overheating. Overheating not only shortens the lifespan of the appliance but also can cause a fire in the worst cases.

These are the tips that are very much important to be taken care of while using a hairdryer.

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