Tips For Finding The Best Instagram Hashtags For Your Brand

The trending and top Instagram hashtags you want to use will depend on your business and the space that your business operates in. If you are a social media manager for a restaurant, there are numerous hashtags that you can use such as #localfood, #deliciousfood and more. You can tag your posts with hashtags that relate to your business to reach more people and get extra likes.

However, if you want to gain quality followers and increase engagement, you need to include specific hashtags. If you post videos or photos of your restaurant, you should take them with relevant hotel branded hashtags and relevant location hashtags. Here are a few tips to help you find out the right hashtags that your audience is following.

Check the hashtags that your competitors are using

You can discover your own top trending Instagram hashtags and use them. Or you could decide that you don’t want to compete with other businesses in your area and instead use unique hashtags. However, if you want to compete for the same customers, you can use the hashtags that your competitors are using and use them or alter them before using them.

Use Instagram hashtags used by influential people

Influential people in your industry already have a big fan base. You can use the hashtags they are using to expand your audience. Learning from the best can be effective.

Use the search function on Instagram

This is another easy way of finding trending top Instagram hashtags. All you have to do is to type a keyword in the search button. Make sure the keyword is relevant to your industry and brand. Then you will have to choose the tags tab. You will get a list of all hashtags with the keyword you typed and a number of posts tagged with the same keyword.

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