The Potential Risk of NIPAH Virus and How to Deal with It


Bioterrorism, the word we merely knew a century ago, has become one of the major threats of mankind in a very short time span. Bio-terrorism is something you can’t fight against; you can only protect yourself from this by taking some costly measures. Most important thing is you even don’t know where and how it was introduced in your nation. Contrary to normal terrorism across the national borders, one cannot trace the enemy easily. In this process. Opposition don’t choose physical weapons; instead they choose- more effective, more powerful and more confidential bio-weapons  to attack and destroy the enemy. Though the word is very new to us, its application is not. As such example was found in 14th century BC; the Hittites sent diseased rams (infected with tularaemia) to their enemies to weaken them. And, therefore, introduced a lethal process to get rid of enemies in a very short time.

Bio-terrorism means to terrorize people using biological entities like-

Bacteria, Viruses, infectious fungi, toxins etc. Among those, bacteria, infectious fungi and toxins can be traced, as they are living organisms or extracts from living organisms. Above mentioned organisms or extracts can be studied in laboratory and thus has lesser effectiveness. But viruses cannot be studied prior to its entry in living cells. There may be a millions of viruses in inactive form, thus we cannot study them until they reach up to living cells. There are many lethal viruses than can be used in bio-terrorism, eg; EBOLA Virus, MARBURG Virus, Influenza(H1N1) virus, Dengue virus, Rota virus, HIV virus and the latest entry in the entry is lethal NIPAH VIRUS.

   Among those viruses Marburg and Ebola have similar effects. They cause hemorrhagic fever meaning infected people develop high fevers and bleeding throughout the body that can lead to shock, multi-organ failure and ultimately death. It has high mortality rate, thus can be a potential bio-weapon for  bio-terrorism.HIV though is lethal, but its incubation period varies from 4-10 years approximately. Thus it is not a good option for bio-terrorism, as bioterrorism requires immediate effects.H1N1 and Dengue is still a matter to discuss in developing country as those countrymen suffer a lot from these two and thus they can also be a potent option for bio-terrorism.

    Whereas the newest entry in the list, the lethal Nipah virus is more potent than any other in that list. The Nipah virus is a type of RNA virus from the genus Henipa virus. It is the most potent virus-mediated bio-weapon in today’s world if one intends to use it this way. As itonly requires human to human or animal to human direct contact to spread, only a single infected human being or animal can cause millions of casualities in very short period of time. Its symptoms vary from nothing to normal fever, cough, headache, shortness of breat, inflammation of brain, seizures and confusion; this may worsen into coma in a day or two. As there is no vaccines available, it becomes even more lethal and a very lethal bio-weapon.

Apart from that, many other viruses, which are in inactive form, can be used as a weapon for bio-terrorism. Thus bio-terrorism can become more fatal if it is not checked today or in near future. Bio-terrorism is a threat to entire mankind including both developed and developing countries. It is a threat to our entire civilization.

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