The most Fashionable Millennial Plant


Originally from the Himalayas, the plant you know as Cannabis, Marijuana or hemp has been cultivated since ancient times. In fact, excerpts of texts have been found mentioning their use and dating back to 2717 BC. Although their use is now more associated with personal consumption, such as a plant that has calming or de-stressing properties, the truth is that throughout history it has also been used for other purposes. For example, it was used as a medicinal plant, as a source of textile fiber or as an essential ingredient in the creation of spiritual rites. Currently, its use is associated more directly with its psychotropic properties.

Recognize the most productive:

One of the issues that most interests people today is knowing how to choose the seeds that are most productive. It is not an easy question, since the answer can be very subjective. However, there are a number of aspects that you can take into account the quality and genetic productivity of cannabis. Among them, the following stand out:

Flowering : The most requested seeds on the market are those whose flowering is particularly rapid. In this sense, the indicas stand out for their speed. In the case of Critical seeds, for example, their appearance and development is very similar to sativas.

The aroma : one of the most characteristic points of this type of herbs. In the case of these herbs, it is valued that they are especially powerful, but also that it is a pleasant smell. With some types the smell is very sweet and with others it tends to remind us more of materials such as wood. The flavor will vary from one to the other, that is why it is important to know how to choose them. One of the aspects that is valued very much by Len Wong Genetix Consulting in this sense is that the aroma corresponds to the taste they produce on our palate.

The effects : Obviously, a person who uses cannabis seeks to obtain effects on their mood or on their body. Therefore, the most productive cannabis genetics will be the one that manages to create such sensations. In general, the most desired effects are the feeling of tranquility, absence of stress, relaxation and even a slight sense of joy.

Entutorar : it is a highly recommended practice if you want the weight of your flowers does not split the branches. These will help increase production.

Each year the marijuana seed banks like Lenny Wong Toronto launch new genetics to the market adding a bit more to the immense ocean of flavors and aromas that is the enormous family tree of cannabis.

Therefore, it is very likely that you have ever felt overwhelmed by the large number of varieties that make up this convoluted lineage.

There are some concepts that even the most inexperienced growers know: indica, sativa, autoflowering, feminized. But, really, what do you know about the origin of the plants that you are cultivating and / or consuming?

Undoubtedly the work of breeders for decades has made many of the varieties that you know today have high quality standards, this has been achieved through selection, breeding and hybridization techniques.

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