The Major Types Of Hashtags That The Foremost Marketers Use


Hashtags, such as Twitter trending hashtags, are just like the Ying and Yang of the internet – they play together so well (and complement one another). Consider them to be the label on a file in a folder inside a filing cabinet that’s full of varying files. Utilized rightly, they function to alert you to shared interests and searches and could even cultivate discussions. If you aren’t taking advantage of them as a marketer or business, then continue reading.


Types that are used by marketers

There are three major reasons for using these amazing marketing marvels with your internet marketing;

  1. To identify as well as ‘label’ your brand, branded products or services, brand campaign, or an event that’s branded.
  2. To jump onto a topic that’s truly trending or just for newsjacking.
  3. To showcase topics that are outlined within your content (a blog post, for instance).

The branded hashtag

This should certainly be chosen wisely. Similar to any other asset of your brand, you will have to think long-term. Be focused on the audience; understand the hashtag that will cause them to take action. For instance, a business’ marketing team swiftly realizes that there are several other businesses’ marketing teams out there. Thus, rather than leaning on #business as their go-to hashtag, they went into something that’s more customized and then used #buyXitems, which might be gotten from their trademark tagline ‘buy excellent items’.

The trending hashtag

This is where you will find virtually all top Twitter hashtags. When an event or a topic is trending, it can be truly wise to utilize the popularity of the event or topic to enhance your own content or brand by utilizing its hashtag. It is quite beneficial to utilize these kinds of hashtags to offer advice and recommendations that are specific to your customers or niche.

Content hashtags

Hashtags that are sprinkled within your content, particularly on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, are just basic smart marketing as they greatly help your content to be found among the ocean of available content. While you certainly will not desire to spam your loyal followers with just too many of them, utilizing the hashtags that your audience and clients are quite likely to search for within your content is a very simple means of amplifying your reach.

Choosing hashtags

As has been said, it’s crucial to ensure that your hashtag represents your brand and is not confused with other events, brands, or worse, related to some kind of negative content or crisis. For instance, let us use ‘sales trainers incorporated’. These are exceptionally common words. You will certainly not try tagging all of your brand’s content with #sales#trainers as it’s totally generic. Utilizing trainers or training after sales might help your content to be found, but they will certainly not do anything to set your brand or business apart from other varying training or sales firms.

Never utilize hashtags, particularly Twitter trending hashtags, haphazardly because the majority of businesses that are uninformed do. Use them very wisely; to enhance the share of voice as well as engagement, and to also cultivate discussions online. In this way, they not just greatly enhance your reach, but your ROI too.

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