Smooth Ride in Audi A6 Luxurious Cabin

Audi A6

Creased exterior of the new Audi A6 and well aligned tech features in the cabin makes it a smart choice. It is a luxury class vehicle and in this segment you come across big names. In order to match the excellence surely some extra effort is required and it is evident in the new model of A6. There are three engines for this model, Four Cylinders 2.0 liter diesel named 40 TDI, 3.0 liter V6 diesel named 50TDI and 3.0 liter V6 petrol engine named 55 TFSI. The car has fairly long history and for this reason you can find Audi A6 engines supply and fit facility in UK and elsewhere without any real difficulty. Audi A6engines are not only reliable but also perform reasonably well. One more engine is in the pipeline and will be released later on with lower power but of 3.0 liter genre.

Selection has been made further easier by offer just two trim packages Sport and S line which is even sportier.

The 2.0liter diesel car has seven auto speed transmissions and dual clutch which is not as quick as it should be right from the start. But once it gets the rhythm it is treat to drive.

Smooth and brisk accelerator

The lethargic start makes the 0 to 62mph span even longer and the contenders beat it quite easily. But again it is a smooth and brisk accelerator so you can not ignore it at all. And if it does not satiate your quest of thrill then there is more powerful 3.0 liter diesel motor which is thoroughly good in entire rev range. So right from the start to the maximum you do not have to wait for things to happen. The engine also performs without producing any unwanted growls. It has regular auto speed transmissions and this time these are eight. It is hefty to minimize carbon emission when changing down so problem not fully resolved in it as well. Among the diesel engines it is the best performer but not a great choice when you look at it from fuel average perspective. To keep ride as comfortable as possible the buyers have been given choice of four different suspensions to select from.

The other two options are available against extra charges

Entry Sport level gets steel spring and dampers and S line gets the same but hardened and lowered. The other two options are available against extra charges. Adaptive suspension with switch-able dampers is to give you liberty to switch it to soft or hard mode according to track requirement and mood. The most expensive selection of the four options is adaptive air suspension but it is not for the entry level A6 but readily available for the all other models in the range. All the four are good and ensure comfort to a certain level. Adaptive dampers are the best as they are not very expensive but perform well on most tracks. Furthermore you can get them fitted even to the entry level A6. Handling of the car has been made far easier than one can guess from its size. It is light and nimble and you can feel the difference if you have driven the competitors too. The steering of the car is not the best in the class but still reacts as you expect and does not surprise you. Optional four-wheel steering is also present it enhanced stability at fast speed and shorten the turning circle. So it is far better but pricy as well.

You will miss road and wind noise

Driving experience is generally good for all A6 models and it should have been for luxury cars. The entry level 40TDI is refined than the rivals and it is true for cruising along the motorway as well as for the routine movement on city routes. And as you go for more powerful options the refinement also enhanced so the cabin become devoid of engine noise disturbance at any juncture. In the same way you will miss road and wind noise when the car is moving at greater speed. So the car has gained a lot more and the new model is worth buying if you can afford a luxurious vehicle.

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