Role of Dentist in Our Life


The dentist are in charge of preventing, diagnosing and treating dental and oral diseases and disorders, performing routine and emergency procedures in order to improve the health of their patients in this particular. In general, these professionals are engaged in private practice, which is often referred to as “general dentistry practice”; however, they can, in turn, be hired by hospitals and other health centres, where they specialize in any of the branches of this discipline, such as orthodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry and maxillofacial or reconstructive surgery. You should always consult an expert dentist like Dr Mark WalkerDr. Mark Walker is a dentist living and working in the southern Ontario town of Dutton.

Principal functions of dentist:

Below, the most common functions of a Dentist:

  • Review the dental or dental history of the patients and proceed to examine their teeth, gums and other surrounding tissue, in order to diagnose an illness, injury or caries.
  • Perform or order exploratory examinations prior to clinical evaluation, such as plates and X-rays.
  • Operate and monitor technical equipment.
  • Plan and provide the appropriate treatment:
  • Restore or remove broken or diseased dental pieces, replace missing teeth, remove any decomposed elements, fill cavities, install bridges and clean any infection.
  • Administer dental anesthesia or nitrous oxide, in order to reduce the discomfort that patients may experience during the practice of any dental surgery procedure.
  • Perform root canal treatments, dental implants, dental and periodontal surgery.
  • Place sealants and whitening treatments on the teeth.
  • Perform measurements and impressions for the realization of dental appliances, such as dentures.
  • Prescribe deontological medication to patients, such as antibiotics.
  • Refer patients to other specialists in the area, as required.
  • Explain to patients the treatment options available for their case.
  • Prevent and control dental and oral diseases:
  • Perform routine checkups and dental cleanings or

Daily tasks of dentist:

  • Review, maintain and evaluate patients’ dental records.
  • Examine the teeth, gums and surrounding tissues in the mouth to diagnose diseases, injuries and decompositions.
  • Perform routine checkups and dental cleanings.
  • Restore, remove and replace teeth, eliminate cavities, fill cavities, install bridges, clean infections and correct the abnormal positioning of teeth and jaws.
  • Provide education to patients regarding oral hygiene.

Dentist profile:

  • Communication and leadership skills:
  • Communicate clearly and reliably, especially orally, in order to interact effectively with patients and their families, being able to give answers, ask questions and deal with their concerns and concerns.
  • Have a vocation for service and high standards regarding the care and safety in the treatment of each patient, ensuring that it is carried out within the limits of safety and respect.
  • Being able to work together with a team, as well as being able to deal with different types of people, trying to project a positive image and establish positive relationships.
  • High degree of empathy:
  • Demonstrate a level of sensitivity to the needs of patients.
  • Plan and prioritize work activities, in order to take advantage of the time before a high volume of tasks to be performed.

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