Approach to Fight Your Prior Authorization for Imaging Centers

About more than 30 million MRI scans are done in the United States alone as MRI is expected to detect every single thing, starting from simple ligament tear to test of a cancer cell. Not only MRI but also ultrasounds, veins treatments, biopsy all such test falls under test in the imaging center. Since this entire imaging center test has a higher cost to maintain, achieving the prior authorization becomes more difficult. Thought the process of prior authorization problem is an old cost control mechanism it is still burdened for most of the providers.

With the new technology and advancement in the medicine world the number of insurance plan is growing too, each with different prior authorization rules and requirements. Keeping up with such changing rules and trends in prior authorization is increasingly difficult for providers too. This impact of falling in doing so results in Prior authorization denials.

Prior authorization denials eventually result in loss of revenue, delay in patient’s treatment, declines in providers and patients satisfaction, delay in patient’s care causing more mental stress.  In fact, at times patients tend to skip the care or treatment to avoid the burden which later causing more hazardous consequences. This is why nowadays many healthcare organizations are opting for outsourcing services. Outsourcing services help streamline operation and help healthcare providers focus more on patients care. With the increase in the demand of outsourcing organization choosing the right option to fight your prior authorization for imaging centers is very essential.

Sunknowledge Approach for Prior Authorization:

Sunknowledge Service Inc specialized in such prior authorization services ‘PriorAuth Online’ starting from authorization request, follow up and approval. We also guarantee 100% prior authorization submission on the same day and 80% operational cost reduction. With a 99% accuracy rate and no cost dedicated account manager with no binding and no hidden cost is rare to find solving all your prior authorization problems.

We are a 100% HIPAA compliant with the highest productivity rate and more than 100 clientele list including Medtronic along with excellent visibility and proven expertise in medical billing world.

Apart from genomic lab orthotics and prosthetics, DME, radiology and imaging center prior authorization our experts also specialized in Rx, Dx entry along with patient’s demographics insurance and other necessary details. Collection of complete Rx, eligibility verification, and the documents required for authorization approval is also part of our service. Our services do not end here it also has experiences in submission, rejection/denial management all as a standalone/end to end services.

Call our expert over a call and get tailored customized effective solution to your prior authorization problems for your imaging center and access seamless cash flow for your organization.

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