Out And About Around The Ionian Island Of Paxos

PAXOS- a tiny island that measures around 13Kms from North to South is located 15Km south of Corfu and about 20Km off the Greek mainland. This tiny island boasts a number of most stunning beaches anywhere in the Mediterranean and is only accessible by ferry and is managed well to remain relatively unspoilt by mass tourism visiting every summers in large numbers.

Glyfada Beach Villas

This beautiful island also hosts numerous Paxos villas and is surrounded with three main villages i.e. Gaios, Lakka and Laggos. These three villages are extremely beautiful, picturesque, welcoming little ports, idyllic seafront tavernas, villas, shops and bars etc. Gaios is the major port of entry and departure and also hosts frequent boat services to Paxos’ tiny sister island, Antipaxos.

The western sea board of this beautiful and tiny island is dramatic with cliffs, sea caves and stretches of rugged, rocky coastline. While, the east coast is home to gentle sandy beaches and some fascinating views of the Greek mainland. The island is carpeted with olive groves that in real produces excellent oil.

 Town life

 Gaios, Loggos and Lakka are the three biggest and popular towns on Paxos island and each one of them has its own unmistakable charms.

Glyfada Beach Villas

Gaios, the primary port of section, has a humming air in the late spring months and a significant Italian feel, an aftereffect from the island’s Venetian days. Two islets monitor the passageway to the harbor, making it a protected spot for mooring a vessel. The littler is home to a cloister devoted to the Virgin Mary, which opens up to the overall population for the merriments of the Assumption on fifteenth August. The bigger highlights the remaining parts from a mid fifteenth century Venetian post. Gaios is an extraordinary spot to lease a pontoon for the day, while for sod huggers there is a shoreline, a lot of tavernas and bars spilling out onto the lanes, and a decent choice of shops and boutiques.

Loggos, on the upper east coast, and Lakka, at the northern tip, are little, pleasant little harbors folded over their own sounds. Life in both rotates around shorelines and seafront tavernas and bars, and it is anything but difficult to while away hours simply gazing out to ocean in such untainted environment.

 Out on the water

Leasing a little rib or speedboat for the day is latest trending on Paxos and an astounding method to become more acquainted with the island, halting off for swims in segregated inlets or notwithstanding intersection to Antipaxos. Paxos is an account of two coastlines: the east is progressively delicate with serene waters lapping pebbly shorelines, while the west has an increasingly rough, climate beaten look, with sensational white bluffs, grottoes, ocean stacks and modest islets that must be completely refreshing from the water.

 Investigating by walking

Paxos is jumbled by tracks and ways that quite recently were utilized by most local people to get around. Today, walkers can exploit these instant courses and investigate the island’s lovely field by walking. Obscure woods, awesome ocean sees and tired towns (some of which have a taverna or bar where you can stop off for a beverage or lunch) anticipate explorers, and there’s no preferable route over to finish your stroll with an invigorating plunge in the ocean.

A holiday to this beautiful tiny island is all about relaxing and taking it easy. All in all, your holiday will become more memorable if you book one of the beautiful and serene villas in Paxos located at a height offering peace at its best.

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