Mistakes to Avoid During a Visa Interview

visa interview tips

Keeping in mind that behind every rejected visa stands a genuine reason. Yes, visas do not get rejected just on the base of personal factors.

So, it is very important for you to be aware that there are a lot of things that you need to avoid during a visa interview.

It doesn’t matter whether you plan on getting a business visa, a family visa, or just a visiting visa, the below-given visa interview tips will help you a lot to prepare for it.

To be honest, not everyone is able to see the importance of getting to meet the officials in an interview. However, most of the times, the applicants put away their efforts and also their energy in collecting their documents of the application of the visa and fail to give the proper attention to the interview.

How Not To Get Rejection Stamp On The Passport

Since you are a visa candidate, it is highly recommended for you to learn about all the common elements that might ruin your interview for a visa.
Only then you will be able to avoid getting trapped in an awful situation that leads to a visa denial. If you are looking for reliable visa service in Texas, check out best visa service in Houston TX.

Below we have listed a few common visa refusal reasons. Don’t worry, we also have mentioned as to how you should avoid such mistakes that lead the diplomatic official to give you the stamp of rejection on your passport.

NOTE: Properly presenting yourself and leaving a good impression during the interview is very much important. Whereas, you should not neglect the importance of visa application document too.

Not Being On Time:

When you get an appointment for the visa interview, the consulate or the embassy will tell you the date and exact time of arrival. Most of the visas’ get rejected because of tardiness.

So, instead of arriving just at the nick of time, you should arrive at least a few minutes early. This will also help you calm yourself down before the big interview.

Not Giving Appropriate Answers:

This is one of the most common elements that provoke that visa official. Since you are not able to predict what the interview questions are, you will never be able to provide them with well-thought-out answers as well.
This is why you need to be familiar with the most common questions early enough.

Skipping Questions Of Giving Fake Answers:

Always remember that your interview with the official is a simple way of him meeting you and understanding you in a better way. So, you should never try to avoid giving answers to them or even providing them with fake answers.

The diplomatic official will reconfirm all the information that you’ve provided them.

Not Dressed Properly:

Have you ever thought that not being dressed properly during your visa interview can also get you rejected? Well, it is true, the way you appear during your interview can also penalize your visa application.

First impression is the last impression. So, make sure that your body posture, makeup, temperament, shoes, and outfit is presentable enough.

Incomplete Supporting Document:

An official invites you for an interview because he needs you to prove that the information you have provided them is correct or not.

Therefore, you should never appear for your interview with the incomplete supporting document of inaccurate information. Such behaviour will just show your insignificance towards the visa requirements.

Giving Too Much Information:

When you are being asked a question, you need to first understand it clearly and then give them the right answer. The exaggerated answer are never required. The visa interviewer is not at all interested in losing a day hearing everything about you.

Only provide the information that is being asked.


Do you know what destroys your answers during an interview? Nervousness. Yes, even if you are on time and your appearance is good, but you have bad energy, you are bound to get rejected. Yes, the anxiety you experience in the interview can force the visa service official to end the interview fast.

Not Agreeing With The Visa Officials:

Refusing to comply with the official during the interview is one of the biggest reasons for visa rejection. Also, try to use a calm tone even if you an objection about anything.

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