Learn how wellness programs are benefiting employees in real ways

Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it” is a beautiful quote stated by Heather Morgan. 

Yes, health has become a very important aspect in today’s busy schedule where most of the people have roped in by serious diseases. The employees who are especially having desk job are suffering from diseases like cervical ailments and weight gain among rest have become serious and most common issues in the current scenario. Employees mostly complain of not having enough time after their office hours, so to bridge the gap between health and individuals, companies have started wellness programs in a way to support employees in leading a healthy life. This is one of the reason health and wellness companies in India are flourishing at a much faster rate like never before.

Initiative taken by the company towards the health of their employees

With time, companies are not just offering good salary packages, instead, they are inculcating benefits associated with that of wellness. Employees are now looking out for those workplaces where fitness programs are given much importance. Because productivity becomes much higher as compared to those who are not part of any of the fitness activities or sports.

Whether it is a small sized company or mid-sized company or a big organization, wellness programs have gained importance and have amalgamated well with other programs of the organization. An HR is responsible for administering this health program in the organization in a well-coordinated way.

In addition to the wellness programs technology has helped a lot in keeping track of health and how it can be made healthy with apps such as Google fit etc. apps in smartphones. There are also smart watches such as Fitbit and many more, which tells you about your heartbeat, steps you have walked or the type of exercise that you must follow to become fit.

These advanced technologies are undoubtedly helping a lot of individuals, but still, some individuals want to be part of such exercises wherein many people are engaged in the same function. In such a scenario, joining a gym or taking part in the wellness campaign marks remarkable changes in their lives.

But if as an employee  you think that all these initiatives are not much use then you should look at the following benefits:


Prior Authorization for DME

Top 5 profits you are going to get if you become part of the wellness program

Physically Fit Employees
Fitness is the key to a healthy mind and soul. When you are healthy nothing can let you down, not even the downs in your life. With this pure reason, these days the companies have started some of the activities that involve the active participation of employees, thus driving them towards a better and fit India.

Rate of Productivity Increase
It has been observed that employees or individuals who are an active member of these wellness programs conducted by the companies show greater results as compared to those who are not. These wellness programs also help the companies to have a lesser number of sick leaves, instead, the leaves can be utilized in some other activities, thus reducing the cost from the company’s shoulder.

Good Mood of Employees
One of the key benefits of a wellness program is that it helps in boosting the mood or morale of the employees. This has a positive result on the productivity of the employee and they also enjoy coming to work and complete the challenging task very easily. Because when you are healthy, your brain works properly without any pressure which ultimately helps in showing excellent results by the employees.

The decrease in the Expenses on Healthcare
The healthier you are the lesser are the chances of taking sick leaves which ultimately becomes a bonus for both the employee and the organisation as well. The fit the employee is the lesser he or she are going to spend on their health-related worries.

Competitive Goals
Competition or the challenges have always remained to result yielding in every front and staying fit is no different from this. For example, in the workspace, colleagues usually participate in some form of challenges like climbing stairs or number of steps walked in a day, motivates a lot in staying ahead of others.

Considering the benefits companies have started to implement and explore various wellness services in India for the benefit of the employees.

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