Itchy Skin and Rashes During the Course of Pregnancy

Is it possible to stop scratching? Heat rashes and an itchy skin is part and parcel of pregnancy. Though medicine for skin disorders during pregnancy might provide relief, but it is better to eradicate the symptoms as early as possible. The main reason for their emergence is because of the rise in the blood volume during pregnancy. Hormonal changes even with sweating too have a role in this regard.

Rashes during pregnancy

For some women a generalized rash during pregnancy is common and this can stretch to various areas of the body. In medical terminology this is termed as PUPP. Though this seems to be annoying, but it is a normal occurrence and is going to fade away on its own once the baby is born. If the rash appears to be recurring and does not fade on its own you need to get in touch with a doctor.

Itchy skin when you are pregnant

The chances of an itchy skin increases if the skin appears to be dry all the more so during the winter months. Once the pregnant symptoms continue the stretching along with growing of the symptoms aggravate the symptoms.

Regular itching after 20 weeks of pregnancy is a sign that your liver is not functioning in a proper manner. This is termed as cholestasis. A blood test is going to diagnose this disorder. A general suggestion is you opt for these tests as a form of precautionary measure as if you are suffering from consistent itching during pregnancy. The entire more so if you are suffering from itchiness on the palm and sole of your feet.

How pregnant women can find help for an itchy skin

For women suffering from skin disorders during pregnancy they can stick to the following remedies

  • Resort to the use of oatmeal in bathroom showers
  • Rather than using soap for cleaning start using glycerine soaps. Any fragrance based skin products or soaps have to be avoided.
  • Try to limit the use of underwear. Instead of synthetics try to use cotton. In certain cases to use a shower a place it under your belly and rubbing on the belly could promise relief. Some women do find change of laundry detergents with no perfumes or dyes would be of help
  • If the itchy really appears to be unbearable some experts may suggest the use of steroid creams. Though a suggestion is that it is to be used at moderate levels. There exists some degree of research in driving home the point that aspirin can be of help, but once again it can lead to a blood thinning as it will not be able to clot well. Only the medicine is to be consumed during pregnancy if it is prescribed by the doctor.

To conclude certain women could be sensitive to allergens when you are breastfeeding and even during pregnancy. For example a deodorant that you might have used could be the leading cause of rashes at this phase. Just look for a brand with limited reaction.

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