Indian Silicon Valley has Made Finding Freelancers Simple and Easy

The great importance of freelancing cannot be overstated in this highly competitive world. Freelancing offers individuals freedom and flexibility that a regular 9 to 5 does not offer. Being a freelancer, you no longer need to fit into a company culture or face strenuous physical, mental and emotional stress. But you would be offered complete freedom and flexibility to work as per your schedule. While I was searching for the online freelance platform, I came across a very useful website called- Indian Silicon Valley. It claims itself to be the platform where you can easily find talent without any restrictions. I am going to share my take on Indian Silicon Valley and how it is different from other existing platforms. Keep reading the post for the details- what is it, how it works and what is special about it?

Impressive Features of Indian Silicon Valley  Indian Silicon Valley - Info-graphic

Indian Silicon Valley is the website that is used by the best startups, agencies and businesses. Here you can get access to thousands of A-list local freelancers who can get the job for you. What makes ISV different from others is:

Simple Hiring Process – Unlike other platforms, you do not need to go through various tedious processes to hire the freelancers that you are looking for. But at Indian Silicon Valley, you can hire freelancers in just three simple steps. The businesses or companies can have live chat with the freelancers using their live chat option. They can interview the candidates to check if they meet their criteria. If everything goes well, you can hire the freelancers in the third step.

0% Commission Fee – At Indian Silicon Valley, you do not need to pay anything to the middlemen. Businesses can get connected to the best talent for their projects and services at 0% commission fee.

Secure Transaction – With ISV, you can be assured of secure transactions. You can choose to pay freelancers according to your choice which can be on hourly basis or a fixed price. The secure payment method ensures the funds are released soon after the completion of the projects.

Real-time communication – ISV allows businesses and freelancers real-time communication where they can have discussions about their projects and share proposals.

All these features make Indian Silicon Valley a highly effective and reliable platform to get connected with the A-list freelancers from all around the world. Indian Silicon Valley follows goes strict screening process to hire only experienced and skilled freelancers. The freelancers has to pass through various skills tests, interviews and language proficiency tests to become a member at ISV. The aim of this website is to bring the most dedicated IT experts and make the idea of freelancing more authentic, simple and easy.

I have shared an info-graphic explaining all the highlights of Indian Silicon Valley in the pictorial form.

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