India-4 Emerging Trends in Education Sector

education trend

The Obligation of education in upcoming trends moved to the students rather than teachers because in the modern era teachers will be role model of students with the capabilities to influence students to follow their passion and move forward to achieve the success.
Education trends are dynamic in nature and change regularly based on demand. In recent years’ education sector has lots of changes due to uses of modern technologies, so on the bases of these changes we can say that in 2019-20 there will be various emerging trends which will move educational services in India at a higher level, here I’m describing 4 innovative trends to watch out for education sector in the coming years.

  • Digitization in the Education Sector
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Training for Trainers
  • Health and Wellness Programs

    1. Digitization in the Education Sector: During last few decades education sectors has been on priority for the government of India, so union finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitly announced lots of benefits for the education sector in his budget speech of 2018, on the bases of these initiatives of the Government, we can sure say that in this year 2019 the government must give a right direction to the young talent of the nation’s growth, which is increasing year on year in our country. Digitization gives liquidity to the education sector for moving towards new technologies so that it is quite easy for parents to track the performance of their children.

    2. Artificial Intelligence: To judge the performance of the educational services in India, artificial Intelligence integrated with the education system in recent years, but in upcoming years government of India taking necessary action to expand AI based education for moving the country’s growth to next level. AI-based education will provide a proper assessment of the teachers, students, and patients regarding the need for support, the progress of learning towards their goals.

    3. Training for Trainers: Teachers are the role model of every student and the ideal resource of education, so all educational institutes need to invest to trend their trainers to keep updated with the new trends and the technologies of educational services in order to boost higher education system.

    4. Health and Wellness Programs: It is most important to be healthy for each and everyone because of well-being resultant the state of positive mood and attitude.

As “Lord Buddha said”
“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

To achieve success, students need to be trained to care for their mind, body, and spirit, for the same, every schools and college need to organize health programs, increase sports integral part of the curriculum, also encourage students to participate in sports-related events.

Bottom Lines: Education sector holds an important role in the Nation’s growth, India has the largest population in the world, according to India brand equity foundation, the government wants to raise enrolment ratio of higher education 30% till 2020 that will be helpful for the education sector as well as the country’s growth, where we expect at least above mentioned trends to beef up.

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