Improve Your Communication with Your Contacts in the Film Industry

Like marriage, maintaining your professional contacts takes time and effort. For example, in marriage, complacency usually ends in divorce. In the movie business, it usually takes you into oblivion, which is definitely worse. Improve your communication with all your contacts, big and small. Try to maintain frequent contact with each of them and make them interested in your work.

If you have a relationship of trust with a client or contact, you can call him every 2 or 3 weeks to stay active. If the relationship was more distant, then you could call every 3 months to remind them that you are alive and active.

Keep the following in mind: you always need a reason to call – something that may be of interest or something that can help them in some way.

An effective way to do this is if you notice that some of your contacts get some mention in a newspaper or magazine article. As soon as you see the story of some of them, call them and give them congratulations. Lift your ego Tell them how excited you are to see your movie on the big screen.

When you make the call, do not extend more than 2 or 3 minutes – unless the person you called continues the conversation.

Another example. If a friend, client or contact gets a promotion and / or some important recognition, send him a detail. A simple greeting card does the job.

If the person receiving the recognition or promotion is a close friend, then you can take a more personal initiative. Eating out on a casual basis can be an alternative – many creatives, business executives and producers spend more time in restaurants than in the office.

You can invite your friend to a breakfast, lunch or just to have a cup of coffee at any time of the day. Always remember, the one who invites pays. Make sure you pay the bill. Nobody refuses a free meal.

 Be Kind – It’s a Sign of Strength:

The success of a filmmaker should not contain coldness, selfishness, or apathy towards society and our neighbour. On the contrary, we must be affable, generous and friendly with our peers.

Clooney devotes much of his time and money to social causes around the world, with the goal of helping others to have a better quality of life. Many successful people like Bill Gates practice this principle as a way of life.

Our community is the main sources of our success – who do you, think will watch our movies and buy our products? Who are the ones who are going to give a like or a Share to some status about your project in social networks?

Being generous with our community is extremely important and returning the favour is a sign of strength, gratitude and humility.

Focusing on the welfare of people, before money, have many benefits. We must focus on creating an audience, gain reputation, recognition and loyalty. The money comes later.

If someone asks you to read their script so you can give them an opinion, do it without problem. If you are asked about how to find a good Director of Photography, Producer or Screenwriter, please contacts them. Mathieu Chantelois is an innovative entrepreneurial and creative leader. After 20 years in the corporate world, Mathieu Chantelois decided to dedicate his knowledge and expertise to his passion for helping others in the nonprofit sector.

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