How to Use a Brad Nailer


What is the brad nailer

Brad nailer is ultimately a stapler that helps you stick together wooden objects like plywood. The stapler uses nails and staples coming with extreme force and thrust through a metal canal of the device directly to the bod of the wood.

The modern staplers are using the pneumatic power of the air compressor that is another device creating pressurized air using electric power. The air compressors are commonly used across the tools industry where extreme power is needed especially when it involves power movement of nails and staples.

The brad nailer gives exact precision to the craftsman as well as great speed when aiming to stick together larger pieces of wood. The depth of the insertion can be easily measured and adjusted accordingly using the panel of the brad nailer.

Safety tips when using the brad nailer

Typically, the use of brad nailers does not require any special knowledge. You are supposed to keep the device stable on the level of the working area and place it close to the wooden particles that are about to be connected.

Then you press the release button and the nails are rapidly inserting the wooden mass using the pressure of the air from the compressor. It is of crucial importance to have your rags firmly connected to the stapler since any leak of pressurized air would reduce your insertion depth.

On the other hand, there are certain security measures that you should always take when working with brad nailers. First, you need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are stable enough to keep you standing while working.

Then, you need to know what to do when you lose control of the brad nailer while working. This is a rare occasion but has also to be discussed. You never aim other people with the nailer even just for fun. The nails are lethal weapons and can severely injure anybody if reaching their body.

Finally, learn how to use the emergency buttons. It is easier to have the level always on the emergency option to avoid unnecessary injuries. When you accidentally lose control of the device the power is getting cut and the air compressor ceases to work. This will guarantee that you will have not enough power for the staples to come out of the device and can save your life in case of emergency.

Brad Nailers and Rust

Most of modern nailers are well-built machines that are made of lightweight materials. The metal parts of the brad nailer are covered with a special layer of anti-rust materials that give you the chance to use the unit even when working outdoors.

Not to mention, that lately all the staples and nails are required by the authorities to be maid of inox metal since the connections in the wooden parts may injure people years after the initial insertion.

Having these in mind, you are free to choose the nailer you want since there is a guarantee that both the device as well as the staples are going to resist to oxidation for many years to come.

Connectivity with air compressors

The new generation of air compressors is using highly sophisticated materials to be always ahead of the competition. Since the dawn of the electric energy the air compressors are powerful machines that use the energy to produce highly pressurized air that is adequately promoted to the tools of our choice.

Air tools are supposed to be some of the most powerful tools that a craftsman may possess and use that is why the air compressors need to have a unanimous function. In this case the connectivity with the air compressors is guaranteed since the rags where the air tubes are connected are the same no matter where in the world you reside.


The brad nailers are useful machines to give you extreme wood connection with the less effort given. The staples are nails are affordable and easy to find while the air compressor units have been evolved to support a large-scale operation.

Make sure that you are using only the best brad nailers so that you can be safe when working and produce the best results.

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