How to Get the Hairstyle That’ll Best Flatter Your Face

When we change our hairstyles, many factors can influence our decision. This includes inspirations from our favorite Instagram star, or you got bored, or need a repair for damaged dull locks, or want a chop because you want to move on from a bad breakup?

Given those, the most important aspect you need to look at before undergoing a new haircut is to determine if your new hair will suit the shape of your face. If you do this, then you’ll probably hear plenty of people tell you how much they love how your new style looks awesome on you. You don’t need those hairdressing courses as we give out these tips for free, all you have this to follow these and you’ll be good to go.

Here are the hacks that you need from us that will help you identify the shape of your face and the style that will look good on it.

How to Figure Out Your Face Shape

  1. Have a measuring tape, a piece of paper and a pen for taking notes.
  2. At the widest point of your forehead, measure its width.
  3. Then across your cheekbones measure them to their widest points.
  4. At the widest point of your jawline, measure its width.
  5. Place the tape directly below your eyes to measure the width of your face, measuring ear to ear. You only need to stop measuring where your ears meet each side of your head.
  6. Place the tape at the top of your forehead to measure the length of your face, beneath your hairline, and measuring to the lowest part of your chin.

Heart-Shaped Face

  • The face is wider at the forehead and narrower at the jawline.
  • Chin appears sharp or pointed.

Hairstyle Trick:

If you have a heart-shaped face, hairstyles such as shortly cropped pixies, mid-cut long bobs, long flowy layers. Your sweet face should have onlookers particularly on your eyes and cheekbones, not your chin. You may want to consider having side-swept bangs, fringe or choppiness along your brow line.  

Strong middle or side part can also be your options. Just remember that your styles should drop at your jawline. Avoid plenty of harsh layers and short, edgeless bangs.


  • Sharp, strong, and angular.
  • Jaw, cheekbones, and forehead are also equal in width.

Hairstyle Trick:

Get some bangs to highlight your square face (we suggest curtain bangs), the one that is shorter in the middle and longer around the corners. You can frame your face with updos that will soften your strong jawline.

Since your face is perfectly proportioned, you can go bold with those shorter, boyish cuts, or the girly long bobs with bangs that brush across your forehead. However, your face can’t be friends with wider, blunt bangs and blunt bobs. Avoid them since they just make your face sharper and gives an unpleasant look.


  • Cheekbones are wider than your forehead and jawline.
  • Forehead and jawline measure equally or closely the same.

Hairstyle Trick:

You have the same face just like those with square-faced ones. You are able to pull off just about any hairstyles, you are definitely a diamond! The styles we mentioned above will also look great on diamond-shaped faces. Also, avoid styles that square-shaped faces should avoid and you’ll be fine.


  • Jaw, cheekbones, and forehead have the same width.
  • The jaw is rounded and not angular compared to the square-shaped face.
  • Softer and feminine facial features.

Hairstyle Trick:

We know that you’re such a babyface so it’s better that you accentuate that softness by opting for a shoulder-length hairstyle with graduated layers. A style like this can make your cherub-like face appear slimmer. If you want to hide the bulk from the sides of your round face, then longer bob cuts with tapered ends are also your options. Like to have some bangs? Just keep them long and to the side to give some edge.

Stay away from blunt-cut bobs if you prefer a shorter style. Avoid a cut that’s short with curls. Grow your locks all the way down to your shoulder to get rid of bulk around your already full face.


  • Face length is 1½ times your face width.

Hairstyle Trick:

Oval shape faces can pull off almost every style and have the most versatile face shape. You name it, bobs, short, long, straight, wavy, curly, or edgy. To know what’s the best hairstyle, think of the best facial feature and ask some suggestion from your stylist on what look you should go for.

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