How to Choose Your Dream Car for Weekend Trips?

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Want to make your weekend trips good to great?

Choosing a car like a Ford performance vehicle over a city car, for those weekend getaways and long road trips can mean the difference between night and day.

Whether you are a family, couple or a lone ranger who loves the idea of weekend trips and are looking for that dream car for your weekend trips, here are tips to pick the right car.

Choosing your dream weekend car

While features like comfortable seats, adaptable cargo space, roomy cabin, high fuel-efficiency, speed and reliable engine that excites, inspires and is a thrill to ride are a given, your dream weekend car should offer more and beyond the ordinary like:

Advanced Driver – Assist Technologies

Cutting-edge tech like driver assistance technologies make your driving more comfortable. Choosing a car with latest road safety features including Adaptive cruise control, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to prevent skidding or sliding sideways, Traction Control & ABS to adjust torque and maximise the traction and road grip. Similarly, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Hill launch assist take the stress out when driving uphill or down.

Fuel Economy

When on your weekend road trip, you certainly don’t want a car that guzzles petrol or diesel and makes you stop at every fuel station. Choosing a car that delivers better fuel efficiency and looks gives you the best bang for your buck. Ford cars, for instance, combine three key technologies in the award-winning EcoBoost engines to save fuel and boost power.

AWD for Outdoor Adventure

The irresistible thrill of weekend road trips demands high-performance tyres that take them everywhere you go. Therefore choosing a car that offers powerful performance and 4wheel drive allows you to tackle even the toughest of terrains with ease.

Voice-Controlled Infotainment

Advanced next-generation infotainment with voice-activated technology and easy-to-use design offers you great entertainment while you enjoy your road trip. Leading industry infotainments like Ford SYNC3 found on all Ford cars allow you to enjoy hands-free music, entertainment and lots more. Compatible with Apple car play and Android Auto, its full-colour 8.0 SYNC3 touchscreen brings voice-activated features including the built-in sat nav and full 180-degree reversing cameras. Infotainments that further offer dual-zone climate control and emergency assistance deliver a safe and more enjoyable travelling experience for everyone.

Buy New or Used Car for Weekend Road trips?

But wait! With so many options in the Australian car market, you may be wondering whether a new or used car suits your needs. While there are lots of reasons to buy a new car for its obvious benefits like delivering the latest technology and more enjoyable driving experience, investing in a used car too offers significant cost savings and more value for money so you can buy with confidence.

If you are looking to buy a second-hand car for your weekend road trips, it is best to choose a certified pre-owned car instead of a private sale. This is because pre-owned cars undergo extensive visual and technical inspections by automobile specialists to assure sheers driving pleasure and uncompromising quality.

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