How Can a Skylight Boost Your Bathroom’s Interior?


If your bathroom is small and does not have any windows in it, then a skylight can certainly add natural light to brighten up space. This will not only increase the look and feel of the room considerably but also make the room spacious. An airing skylight can lend much needed fresh air to the bathroom, which will act as a natural cooling method in the hot summer months. Installing a skylight is an affordable solution for bathroom renovations.

Why is Natural Lighting Significant?

Well, natural lighting will not only brighten up and make the room aesthetically pleasing but also will make the room more open. A skylight is ideal for making a smaller bathroom look and feel bigger. A small shower room that’s dark can be greatly enhanced by adding even a small skylight. And a bigger bathroom with larger windows can be improved further by adding one or two skylights. Moreover, a skylight can provide you with natural light that can’t be achieved with vertical windows, that too without any privacy issues.

In addition, when you install a skylight, it can be more cost-effective than installing a window and can also provide three times as much light than a vertical window of an identical size.

There are also handy considerations that need to be addressed to avert mould, rot and mildew, as bathrooms are wet and moist spaces. The natural light brought in by skylights lower down the chances of these occurrences making the space much better for your overall health.

What Kind of a Skylight Will Suit Your Bathroom?

It isn’t necessary that skylights should be big and dictate a room to create an awesome visual impact; however, the bigger the skylights are, the better it becomes. Besides, the decision of selecting a skylight also depends upon the kind of home and roof you have. A modern bathroom might use a specifically shaped skylight to boost interior features while a pitched roof can make use of dual skylights that meet in the centre of the apex.

Moreover, an aired skylight in your bathroom can improve ventilation allowing the steam to go out that’s produced inside a bath or shower. Simultaneously, fresh and dry air enters the bathroom and controls moisture.
In addition, a high ceiling makes it sensible to install an aired skylight; for instance, a VELUX solar powered skylight can be easily opened and shut by a remote control, it can charge the battery by solar energy and comes with a rain sensor to shut the skylight as soon as it detects rain.

What are the advantages of installing a skylight?

  • A skylight brings in fresh air into space and works as a natural exhaust.
  • A skylight helps in lowering the risk of the mould.
  • A skylight makes it possible for you to get essential Vitamin D.
  • A skylight brightens up your bathroom making it spacious and aesthetically pleasing.

A skylight is a natural, sustainable renewable energy source that can lower your power intake and energy bill. Contact Jude’s Bathrooms for installing a skylight in your bathroom.

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