Honda CRV Now focusing on European Auto Market


Engine of the car is to pull it smoothly when loaded with passengers and their luggage

It is good to know the most favorite Passenger car of American people Honda CRV has reached in Europe. The most agile of the range is “Touring” model. It has space for passengers, their luggage and groceries and to keep all of them happily placed on smooth wide tracks and congested city roads alike.

Body design is not good enough to pull the buyers but still very pleasing in appearance. Interior of the car is roomy as it should have been to accommodate number of riders it has been claiming. Headroom is also good for taller adults and they get in quite easily. On the row behind front seats three easily get adjusted.

The best of roomy features is its capacity for luggage. Number of bins and door pockets are present inside this cabin that is within easy reach of person on driving seat. Cargo area has been designed quite low to make loading of heavy luggage simple and easier.

Higher Trim Levels are offering fun and driving aides

Technology features of the cabin are also included to offer fun to the riders and provide aides for an excellent driving experience. Higher trim levels get seven inches touch screen on the dashboard. It is to use infotainment system by simple clicks on options. The crystal clear screen itself is a treat to watch.

Both Android Auto and Apple Car-play are compatible to enhance utility of the system. Turbo 4 engine is there but you must not expect any sporty characteristics because it is just an adequate motor for this size of car. The outstanding driving aide is continuous variable transmission that helps the engine to be cool on roads with traffic and turns and reasonably agile on wider highways.

Two engines completes the range

Standard 2.4 litre turbo four cylinders engine has total power of 184 hp. High trim levels have 1.5 litre four cylinders turbo-charged motor with 190 hp but CVT is same in the two. If you trust the figures then they appear quite similar but you find the difference when get on road. The earlier one is good when you roam around town and suburbs. But the later is good if you want driving with more authority. Comfortable ride quality is also ensured with quality suspension and it is one of the qualities that buyers of a crossover really want. So it is a fine SUV to own and drive.

Smooth and quiet drive on highway

It is smooth and quiet when moving at good pace and fully loaded. Because of these qualities you would enjoy a ride on it. For safety there is emergency braking that comes to rescue automatically. Adaptive cruise control and active lane control are also included in safety features.

A hybrid engine has also been added to the lineup of this vehicle that has seating capacity of seven people. It is for the first time that a hybrid option has been given to the buyers. Other than this no major alterations have been introduced in latest model.

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