Himachal Pradesh- A Paradise of Winter Treks!


Himachal Pradesh is a popular destination to spend holidays and do trekking. It is blessed with beautiful towns, hill stations, scenic places, and high Himalayan mountains to trek on. Shimla is the capital of the state and one of the most popular summer holiday destinations among tourists. Himachal Pradesh has a lot to offer; river rafting for thrill-seekers, paragliding for adventure lovers, and mountain climbing for trekkers and mountaineers. The place is an absolute paradise for people who love nature, snow, mountains, historical monuments, monasteries, etc that means for everyone.

Trekking is an important activity that Himachal Pradesh offers. The place is very famous among trekkers and backpackers. Himachal Pradesh looks like a wonderland in winters. The place receives heavy snowfall and one can experience the vistas of snow-covered mountains and Peaks.

Here is a list of some famous Winter Treks of Himachal Pradesh:


Triund is a serene and beautiful trekking destination in Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh. It is perched at an elevation of 2,850m in the foot of Dhauladhar ranges. Triund is a 9 km trek and considered an easy trek. It is preferred for beginners as well as experienced trekkers. The trail will take you through the lush green meadows, scenic view of the mountains. The Triund top campsite will offer a clear view of Dhauladhar ranges. Trek further from Triund will take you to Lahesh Caves.


Tosh is a small village located at a height of 2,400 meters on a hill. The Tosh valley trek is for beginners and experienced trekkers. Tosh is located in the far end of Parvati valley. Kasol is the nearest village which is known for its hippie culture. You will see gushing waterfalls, fast-flowing rivers, lush green forests of pines and oaks, scenic vistas of snow-clad mountains, and a chance to explore the life of locals. The moment you step in Tosh, you will feel marijuana smell in the air. Local villagers sell apple and hashish to earn for their living.


Beas is the river that flows in Himachal Pradesh. A place of historical significance, Beas Kund is one of the most beautiful places in the Dhauladhar ranges of the mighty Himalayas. It is an alpine lake perched at an elevation of 3,700m. It is an easy to moderate trek. The trek offers panoramic views of Hanuman Tibba, Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, and Seven sisters peaks. Pluck the wild strawberries and mushrooms on your way and lazily watch the herds of sheep and goats grazing. Beas Kund is a perfect pick for travelers and nature lovers.


Lamadugh trek is the shortest trek enchanting you with the beauty of the lush green forests. This easy grade trek starts from the Hidimba temple in Manali and offers a variety of alluring flowers and lush green meadows. You can see the Indrasan, Deo Tibba peaks, and Bara Shigri glacier. Lamadugh is a lush green plateau surrounded by snow-covered mountains. You will see beautiful landscapes of might mountains.


Begins from the hill station of Dalhousie, the trek will from Dalhousie to Daikund Peak treat your eyes with beautiful vistas of mountains, high pines, rhododendrons trees, and ankle-length snow walking. The trail is packed with excitement and adventure. You will get to visit the Kala top Wildlife Sanctuary, which is a high altitude forest offering spectacular views of the surrounding areas. Dalhousie Winter trek is the popular snow trek. It is an easy to moderate trek. You can also explore the nearby village of Khajjiar, which is popularly known as “mini Switzerland”.


Bhrigu is an alpine high altitude lake perched at an elevation of 4,300m in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh. It is a popular trekking destination. The starting point of the trek is either Manali or the Vasishtha temple, which is famous for its hot springs. Bhrigu lake is named after Maharishi Bhrigu, a great saint of the ancient era. This trek offers great vistas of Seven Sister peaks of Deo Tibba and Hanuman Tibba, with the captivating the Pir Panjal Ranges, rich line of oak & cedar, gushing streams, lush green meadows, and the crazy trails that will leave you awestruck. The best time to do this adventure is from Mid-may till October. Snow lovers can also experience ankle-length deep pristine white snow. Bhrigu lake gets frozen half of the year and attracts a lot of travelers.


Hampta Pass is a small corridor between the Lahaul Chandra’s Valley & Kullu Valley. The pass is at an elevation of 4,270m which offers lush green valley of Kullu, incredible landscapes, and captivating views of Indrasan and Deo Tibba peaks. The best time to visiwt is from mid-June to September. You will explore the villages that come during the trek and beautiful campsites to stay and relax for some time. Hampta Pass moves further to the Chandratal Lake, which is very scenic and gets frozen in the months of December and February.


The Pir Panjal range holds a lot of mountain peaks, from which one is the Deo Tibba mountain which is at an altitude of 6,001m in the Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh. The trek passes through so many rustic and historic villages that it will give a chance to explore the ancient culture of Himachal Pradesh. Deo Tibba is best to experience the views of scenic mountains, lush meadows, snow-capped peaks, lofty mountains, beautiful hanging glaciers, and also a chance to see the grazing land of goats and sheep. Camping at the river sites adds thrill to this adventure. The tranquil environment and serene beauty will leave you amazed!!


Kareri Lake is a perfect place to spend your weekend. Kareri Lake is perched at an elevation of 2,950m in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The trek to Kareri Lake is one of the most scenic treks in Himachal. The lake is a shallow fresh lake that is surrounded by green pastures, high mountains, scenic landscapes, and a tranquil environment. The trek is easy to moderate one and the trail is a tricky one. Camping near the lake is like you are surrounded by peace and solace. The other nearby treks to Kareri Lake are Triund and Lahesh caves. All three commence from the same point.


Bara Bhangal Trek is one of the most challenging and difficult treks in Himachal Pradesh. The trek stretches from an altitude of 2,050m to about 5,000m and passes through narrow tricky trails, rocky paths, which includes glaciers. Bara Bhangal offers majestic views of Indrasan, Deo Tibba, and Hanuman Tibba. You will also some alpine trees and a variety of Himalayan Flora and Fauna, lush green meadows, and several gushing streams. Bara Bhangal trek is one of the longest trekking trails and recommended to experienced trekkers. The best time to visit this adventure is from May to September.

Winter is the best season to do trekking in Himachal Pradesh. The place gets more beautiful after the snowfall and offers great views with peace. Plan your next trip to Himachal Pradesh and must do these adventure treks.

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