Herman Miller Chair Parts to Repair Your Chair

An office chair can be one of the most important and yet overlooked parts of the working experience. If you are going to spend eight hours a day and 40 hours a week — or more — using an office chair, shouldn’t you be comfortable?

You may find that perfect chair and feel comfortable when it’s first put together, but over time, a chair needs some adjusting and parts may need to be repaired or replaced to make it feel like new again.

Herman Miller is one of the leading brands for office chair replacement parts. You can get your Herman Miller Chair Parts from Office Replacement Parts to keep your chair in good working order and always feeling comfortable.

Here are a few of the commonly replaced Herman Miller chair parts.
Casters – Casters are the most commonly replaced part of the chair. The casters are another name for the wheel mechanisms of the chair. Over time, the wheels on the office chair will start to wear down and this can cause a lot of other problems with the chair, preventing smooth rolling. If you let the chair casters wear down enough, you can cause damage to your floors as well. If the wheels are starting to wear down and the casters are getting worn, it’s not as simple as just getting new wheels. Replacing the casters can make a chair’s movement like new.

Cylinders – The cylinder of an office chair is the part that adjusts the height of the chair. These chair cylinders are usually gas lift cylinders, which is why you hear a pumping noise whenever you adjust the height of your chair. When the chair cylinder no longer works, many people think that the chair needs to be completely replaced, but it’s actually very easy to get a new cylinder and save your chair from total replacement.

By removing the base and loosening the cylinder from the chair, you can remove the cylinder, replace it with a new one and put the chair back together so you can use the same seat you have become accustomed to and not have to spend a lot of money on a new chair. Many cylinders come as part of kits so you can get all the parts you need in one package.

Arm Pads – The arms pads of the chair help you get the perfect positioning when using your chair. The arm pads are commonly able to adjust on office chairs so you can set up the chair to be the perfect height and posture point to create a comfortable work setting.

With Herman Miller chair parts, you can get leather arm pads or vinyl arm pads depending on your preference of material or on the material that matches it up with the rest of the chair. Arm pads can get worn out from constant use or just have breaks, rips, tears and more damage to their appearance from being pushed in and out from under a desk or just small scratches that can be created by other elements during the workday.

Whatever you need to get to make your office chair as good as new again, you can trust Office Replacement Parts to have the best inventory and selection for the parts you need to repair your chair and work in comfort again. The selection goes far beyond Herman Miller parts, as there are numerous other brands in stock and goes beyond office chair parts. Office Replacement Parts has everything from file cabinet bars, cabinet keys, locks and so much more. So check out the selection from Office Replacement Parts and get what you need to maximize your working experience.

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