Goodbye Is a Hello to New Adventure


Change is the only thing that is constant in a person’s life. So one has to get rid of things that do not belong to self. Goodbye is indeed a painful word. Getting rid of painful things of life and having loved ones around is indeed a pleasure. The attachments to things are the only biggest defect of all human beings. It does not allow one to move further in life. The fear of disconnection indeed makes them stand still in life. If the fear is making them stronger and helping them in their growth then its good, but if not its really dangerous. Saying goodbye and moving away from things that does not make you stronger is really healthy.

Sometimes, it just so happens that our past rekindles in our present in front of us. We tend to connect with our past with the present incidents that resembles our past. And those thoughts makes us either nostalgic or sad. Probably, under these situations, you could see people posting their past pictures on Instagram with the #throwback. It simply means they miss their past. But, you know what? Better things are waiting are waiting for you in the future and whatever you have experienced in your earlier times, made the present you. Without it, you are not who you are right now.

Optimistic approach to life is the easiest way to avoid negative thoughts prowling all over you. When life is putting you down that means there is something bigger waiting. Saying goodbye always makes you move to new things. Once a person moves to a new thing, he explores every around him, which are always adventurous. The biggest torture that could possibly cause for a person is none other than another person. If that person who is getting hurt is capable of moving away from the other then he/she can really explore many things in life. As everyone would have experienced not all first love becomes a success. It fails most of the time. If people start committing suicide for their failure of first love then half of the population would have been dead by this time.

These great words by “Paulo Coelho” also state the same truth of life. Life isn’t a bed of roses one has to struggle face a lot of problems. To run away from problems is never a solution; it makes you weaker and weaker. Once you are ready to face a problem and give up things for solemn good purpose then nothing can stop you from achieving anything in this world.

Ever thought how life would be if things that make you happy and unhappy were not present? Both will be boring so problems are a part of life and saying goodbye to your problems can be done only by facing it. Bullying and criticizing are the only indication that shows you that you are growing in life. So be ready to say goodbye to a few things and have an adventurous life.

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