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Google’s Android is now playing a central role in our lives as it now powers the experience that we all enjoy via our android based smart phones. Today, android app development is the most talked about topic in social as well as business circles. Presently, hundreds and thousands of apps are available under each category in the Google Play Store, making these apps available for the customer’s use almost immediately.

Many of these apps are available for installation free of cost, while some of these apps are also available for a small free, making them paid.  Various apps are now available on even 3rd party stores that have the capability to enhance your smart phone’s functionality or introduce new ones. Hence, android apps are now being seen as a brilliant business tool. Android offers a strong platform for doing business for organizations and individuals interested in the same. In this digital era, people have developed a new-found love for mobile phones and tablets, so they spend their valuable time seeking new information and be connected to their near and dear ones. Get Spotify Apk to download unlimited music.

Android  – Presenting the right opportunity for development

This is the right opportunity for android development companies and business entities to connect with each other and convert the potential opportunities into real business by fulfilling customer wants.  The stage for reliable development partners has been set and it is for the business customer to choose the right android app development company to set the ball rolling. Many companies are now progressing in the art of android application development. Various entrepreneurs are also coming up with excellent solutions in the field of android app development.  In order to set up the right business, the right app should also be present.  Thus, you could either do the coding yourself or search for an android app development partner.

Finding the right business partner

There are many ways of finding the right business or development partner. You can either search for the business partner from within your own circle of friends, or even choose to outsource your business requirements to a strategic business adviser. You can even choose to select an outsourcing partner by looking up the Internet and following up from there. If needed you can even visit them for a face to face meeting and discussing your requirements in person.

Once you have selected the right android app development partner for your business, you will need to obtain the feasibility and go ahead for the project. Once this is done, you can then start with your project and develop the right android app. However, there are few golden rules which you must follow while going in for android app development. Without these golden rules, it will just not be possible for you to get the right android app developed for the success you desire.

Android App Development – getting at the crux

Hence, you must take special care to measure the effectiveness and performance of the Android Application and make sure that there are no bugs or errors in the app.  Various efficient debugging tools are available from Google and are available within the Android SDK to detect bugs and errors in the app. Hence, there are some golden rules for effective android mobile application development. Some of these rules can be discussed below:

Ensuring cleaner apps

Ensure that you app is not loaded with un-required images or text. This step is very important to optimize the performance of your android app. This is exactly where many developers fail in their first attempt.  Further, there is no need to create an app that does not have an objective. Its always better to create an app with a meaning.  Any app that is designed without any aim or goal has very slim chances of success.  Creating apps just with no reason at all or with an intention to simply impress users will just not work.

Avoid methods that Android abhors

It is also a good idea to avoid virtual method calls. This is because such a method will impose some restrictions of the accessibility of the app. With Android, it is not a good idea to call virtual methods within the class, whereas you should always use the calls via the virtual method to the public rather than the class. It’s best to reduce the complexity of the layout and keep it simple.  It’s also a good idea to ensure complete compatibility of the android app with the device/s it is being built for. This does not only improve sales but also improves the user experience of your app.

Using the SDK effectively

Its also advisable to utilize the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) along with other tools that are available for the task. The use of the Android SDK will go a long way in ensuring a functional android app. In order to boost the performance of an android app, be sure that you remove any unwanted software from you device. This will help in clearing up the device of junk and help in smooth working of the android based devices.

Ensure Apps Testing

Go in for apps testing. Also optimize the battery performance. Overlooking the batter performance or other issues would be a great mistake.  Go ahead and install automatic testing. Such steps will thoroughly ensure the success of your app in the market.


There are a number of ways in which you can develop android apps, but the golden rule for android development is to ensure that these apps work error free and create a suitable impact in the people’s minds. You certainly will have a beautiful business idea, but you also need the capability to convert this idea in to a potentially successful app. These apps can go ahead and create a demand for your skill in the market.  Thus, before you face limitations in the market, its best to understand what the market wants before you deliver. Good Luck!


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