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There are as many reasons for wanting to own an Armalite AR 10 as there are for wanting to customize it to your specific purposes, whether they are hunting, long-range shooting or even self-defense. Although it lacks the popularity of its younger sibling the Armalite AR 15, the AR 10 is still a classic worthy of the gun cabinet and every bit as capable, sometimes even more so, than its competition. The competition is not between the AR-10 and AR-15 rifles really, because they both carry similarities for being AR guns and enjoying light-weight status. They just have distinct usefulness, with AR-10 packing slightly more power. Available in more capable cartridges like .308 Winchester, .243 .243 Winchester, even 6.5 Creedmoor and occasionally as big bored as .45-70.

With cartridges like these available to the AR 10 platform, it should come as little surprise that there is a dedicated cohort of people who follow the AR 10 over the AR 15 for its advantage in situations requiring superior power. For the many reasons that make sporting rifles such as the AR 10 popular, there are the same for doing your own build. Everything from barrel length to the rails adorning the upper comes into play when you customize your AR platform. Searching for an Armalite AR 10 upper gives you a measure of autonomy over caliber when paired with the proper receiver. It also gives you some hand in the style and placement of the rails, and even gives you the option of including a foresight which can sometimes be a polarizing option.

So you need an Armalite Ar 10 Upper. That’s no surprise, but you need a reputable supplier of quality, compatible, reliable parts. What would be ideal would be to find a supplier from which you can also find the other necessary parts like lowers, magazines and rail accessories. If that supplier also offered additionally accessories and hard to find parts for the other pieces in the inventory of your arsenal and at affordable prices, you’d have a dead ringer. Lucky for you, that supplier is closer than you think.

G4G Guns has been building a name for itself in the outdoor industry as a premier supplier not only of shooting accessories like firearm components and ammo but also in the peripherals such as cleaners and reloading supplies. At G4G Guns, you’ll find multiple options for an Armalite AR 10 upper in popular calibers such as .308 and .243 with 1:10 and 1:8 inch twists respectively. There’s no shortage of versatility when you choose to build your own AR 10, or even if you keep several uppers and receivers and switch them out for the differing shooting environments you face from time to time.

Yet the good news doesn’t end here. When you go to G4G Guns for your firearms components, you’ll also have access to all of the shooting necessities you could possibly fathom. Not just ammo and the guns themselves, obviously, but the whole shop. You’ll find cases, cleaners, sights, scopes, choke tubes and more. Even better, G4G Guns has a platform from which you can shop the accessories you need for a particular item and find them right on the same page. Moreover, high prices are becoming a staple and regular practice in sporting goods stores, big box or local.

With G4G Guns you can trust that you’ll be getting decent prices on the same quality gear you’d otherwise need to head way out to a sporting goods store to find. And on top of shooting supplies, you can also find the hunting essentials and field and fishing gear you need to make your next outdoor adventure a success. So the next time you need some hardware for your guns or something as simple as a spare knife or a game call, instead of heading way out to the nearest sporting goods store, head to

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