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If you own an iPhone 5 (or any iPhone or Apple product for that matter) you are probably well acquainted with the reality that life happens. For technology users, this means unavoidable and unpreventable drops, bumps and spills that wreak havoc for technology. Whether you are a veteran and survivor of a cracked screen, an old battery that won’t hold a charge anymore, a camera that won’t function properly after being jostled too roughly, or some other mishap that invariably befalls phones and other technology, there is a place for help. Naturally, your first instincts lead you to rush to the Apple store or some other tech guru that promises to fix your iPhone – but these roads all lead down the path to high bills and annoyance. Lucky for you, there is a solution to these high costs of repairs, and all it takes is a little technical know-how (or perhaps online videos) and

iDemiGods is your first and most comprehensive source for iPhone 5 Parts and parts for other pieces of technology from companies like Apple and Samsung that can be both expensive as well as very difficult to find. Typically, companies protect their interests by creating goods that are only compatible with the parts they provide, but since iDemiGods has had a say in it, finding iPhone 5 parts and more has never been easier. Not only does iDemiGods supply hard to find parts for your phones, but they also do it at amazingly affordable prices. And when we say that iDemiGods provides parts, we’re not just talking about spare batteries and chargers. We’re talking about an encyclopedia of parts for replacements and repairs so complete you could quite practically build a new phone from the parts available from them.

No matter what you’ve damaged by the drop or spill or what have you, you’re going to find the replacement at iDemiGods. With parts that are usually impossible to find like camera brackets, power and lock buttons, antennas, speakers, camera lenses and more, whatever you need you’ll find. Their selection is so granular that they even have products to make your repairs easier and quicker, on top of the parts themselves. As a brief example, for a phenomenally low price, you can find an entire set of screws for an iPhone 5, with a tray to organize and manage them. To create a list of all the iPhone 5 parts you could possibly source from them would be exhausting and tedious, but it would be sure to include essentials such as battery replacements and screen assemblies, as well as harder to find parts such as lighting dock ports, camera gaskets, home buttons, vibrator assemblies, speakers, lenses and more.

So whatever the nature of your need for parts for your phones and other technology, you’ll find the parts you need to fix them right at Unforeseen spills, accidental falls, unintended bumps, and other mishaps will pale and quake before the providence of iDemiGods’ supply. Whether or not you need a simple fix like a screen assembly for a cracked screen or need to get down and dirty into the wiring and circuitry of your phone, you’ll be able to get it done and then some with the help from the people at iDemiGods. The next time you have a repair to make, skip the trip to the Apple store or the computer whiz. The days of monopoly on phone parts are at an end. You’ll find all the parts you need (and probably some you didn’t even know about) at

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