Find Boker Products for Sale that Suit Any Outdoor Sport

There are a couple of names in the outdoor sphere that users take as legends. Some of them are arms manufacturers like Browning and Remington. Some are outerwear makers like Danner and Woolrich. Some make fishing gear, either terminal tackle like Acme or reels or rods like Penn. Then, central to the sport any outdoorsman pursues, whether hunting, fishing, boating, camping or even something else, are knifemakers.

There are several legendary names in the market for knives and the people who use them. One of the most enduring names is Boker, which has held a place in the hearts of outdoorsmen for generations. Theirs is a success that spanned and endured the upheavals and boundaries of nations themselves, and their story continues. Renowned for their quality steels and components as well as the processes that make their products unique as well as superior, Boker can outfit you with a knife for the kitchen, a straight razor, or a camp knife, and the quality will remain the same. Seeking Boker Products For Sale is a testament to the outdoorsmen, and there are a host of blades that would satisfy the hunter or fisherman in pursuit of quality steel.

For those in search of a fixed blade to be their companion in the woods or on the water, the Savannah Stag from Boker is an elegant mix of brawn and beauty. A 4.6-inch N690 blade with a sturdy drop point is graced by nickel fittings and stag scales and completed by a leather sheath. Similar in style but a note slighter is Boker’s Gobec Nicker Stag, suited more to the table than to the fields, but with the same steel and trappings as its counterpart.

From Boker, you will also find the Rocky Ridge Hunter, with a simple teardrop-shaped handle and a slightly swept blade somewhat reminiscent of a skinner and no doubt designed with that purpose in mind. From diminutive neck knives to Bowie-like behemoths, Boker has fixed blades for every purpose under the sun and the history of success to bolster it.

There are times when an outdoorsman needs only the touch of a folding blade instead of the muscle of a fixed blade. From Boker, you’ll find folders that, though demur and light in the hand can outperform the fixed blades of competitors. There is a seemingly endless assortment of styles and constructions to choose from, but classics like the Annual Damascus 2019 folder are at the top of the list.

With a Damascus blade just shy of 3 inches and adorned by handsome nickel fittings, this knife is well suited to light tasks or as a complement to another blade. This is, however, just a sample of the excellence in store from Boker’s selection of folding knives, which portfolio includes models like the FR CF, Trapperline models, and stockman and congress folders.

Moreover, Boker doesn’t simply draw the line at fixed and folding blades, rather encompassing the entire realm of steelworks. Boker can also outfit you with multitools, kitchen knives, razors, hatchets, and other tools.

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