Fever Related Tips from Expert Pediatricians


The most common thing which parents face is getting awakened in the middle of the night hearing the cried of their young child. On touching his forehead, when they see that it is too hot to touch, it becomes a matter of great concern. You can never take a chance to avoid when your child has a fever. However, in that situation, you should not even panic. You need to keep yourself calm and provide the necessary treatment to your child so that he feels better fast.

The first instinct which runs in the mind is to call the Pediatrician at Charlotte and seek his assistance. It is advised that parents should initially keep their calm and handle the situation without getting overstressed. It is because most of the parents have the tendency of freaking out when their child gets a temperature. The panic level tends to increase if the risks of influenza are prevailing in the area.

Where most of the parents think fever to be something huge, they should keep in mind that fever is actually a good thing. It is because fever gives a kind of signal that the immune system of the child is working and is trying to fight the infection. It is the brain-box which actually commands for the rise of the body temperature which is important for activating the white blood cells so that it can attack and destroy the antibodies. Here are a few things which you need to do so that the situation does not turn into something complicated.

Check the temperature

To know what you need to do next, you need to insider two things- the age of the child and the reading. You should check the temperature of the child using a thermometer and see if the temperature is fine according to his age or not. It is directed to consider the age because the immune system of an infant is not that much developed compared to a fully-grown child. The age factor hence decides whether the child is vulnerable to serious infections like bacterial meningitis or pneumonia.

For the children between the age of three to six months, if the fever ranges around 101° Fahrenheit, he should be rushed to the Pediatrician at Charlotte for examination. Once the child becomes older than six months, with an increase in the ability of his immune system, you can wait to contact a doctor till the fever rises to 103° Fahrenheit.

Check for the symptoms

If the temperature is a little lower but comes along with symptoms like a cough, sore throat, runny nose, body aches with a constant headache and fatigue, it can be a flu. In such a situation, ensure visiting a Pediatrician at Charlotte without wasting time. The effect of these viruses can be too which can even coat a life, so make sure that you seek the best medical assistance and keep your child safe.

Take medical assistance of a pediatrician and ensure that all the medication procedures are undertaken with the utmost care to avoid serious infections.

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