Festival Tour to Kathmandu: A Festival for Women


Nepal is one of the best-known religious countries in the world. Many festivals and beliefs of Nepal seem to be very different and interesting.

Their culture and religious practices inspire everyone, and also every festival will give a message to the society. That’s the greatness of spirituality in any country it may be.

One such festival in Kathmandu is Teej, A Festival for Women. This festival in Kathmandu is very popular and hordes of people celebrate this festival in a grand manner.

Now have a look at this festival how it will be celebrated and what’s the importance of the festival.

Origin of the festival:

Teej festival is a Hindu festival and also known as Hartalika. This festival is coming from a hundred years back. Teej festival is the celebration of Lord Shiva’s and Goddess Parvathi marriage. The story behind the festival is, the father of Parvathi Himalaya was not allowed Parvathi to marry Lord Shiva.

Then, Parvathi escaped from home and started pasting in forests. Finally, Himalaya obeyed the marriage with Lord Shiva. From that day this occasion was celebrating as a festival.

This festival takes place in Nepali Bhadra Month. It means in lunar month. Most probably in between August and September months, this festival takes place. Explore Nepal tour desde mexico and enjoy festival and culture of Nepal in a short time.

Importance of the Festival:

Women are the main importance of the festival. Due to the reason, the festival was also known as “A Festival for Women”. Teej festival longs for three days. These three days are very special for women. All married women of Nepal will be dressed in red saris and they will get ready with beautiful and decorative ornaments.

During this festival, they will seek blessings from Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi to look after their husbands well.

Mostly, they praise for the wealth of their family and husbands. Really, these three days are joyous days for women. They are open to say what they want to do and their wishes. In a word, Teej Festival is like an honor to women for their greatness.

How the three days celebration goes on:

The festival will be celebrated three days long with full of celebrations. Here in detail how the three days will be celebrated was written down and if you want to experience plan 10 days Nepal tour.

Day 1: The first day they don’t participate in any household works. Everything must be done by men only on this day. The complete day is for celebrations only. They will be set free to do whatever they want. On this day, most women will gather at a place and enjoys the day with a full celebration of dance performances and traditional practices. Women take heavy meals with a lot of sweets and drinks on this day until midnight because the next day is the fasting day.

Day 2: Day 2 is a fasting day. This day is very important for them. On this day they follow strict fasting without taking water. The whole day they praise for Lord Shiva for the wellness and good health of their husbands. After getting ready in red wedding saris they visit Lord Shiva temples for blessings. Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu will be crowded with oodles of people. Most of the people in Nepal will come to this temple. A number of women devotees will stand in queues on this day.

Day 3: The day 3 is known as Rishi Panchami. On this day, they pay homage to seven saints and they take a holy bath in rivers with red mud from the roots of Datiwan bush. It is a ritual they follow and they believe their sins will be wiped out if they do like.

After having baths, they visit Lord Ganesha temple to make their wishes true what they wished yesterday at Lord Shiva temple. At last, the day ends with delicious food.

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