Everything you need to know about wine clubs

Have you ever considered a wine subscription in Australia? If not, you should start considering it. From sparkling whites in wine clubs for celebrating to rich reds to pair with steak, when you consider how much wine you will need between gifts, yourself, and guests, it seems like joining a wine club is a good idea.

The wine club business has become very popular. It was founded in the United States in 1972. There are large scale clubs and there are clubs that market their products to Millennials. We also have trendy wine clubs which focus on boutique and artisanal wines. As a result, there is a wide range of schedules and pricing: six bottles every month, a case per quarter, or an annual shipment. These are just a few choices you can have.

Wine clubs research

We have a lot of variables to consider before you join a club. Your wine knowledge and budget will both play an important role. You should think about the type of club you want to join before making a decision. Education is very important. It is important to understand that almost all wine clubs offer to taste notes along with varietals and some send suggested wine recipes to pair with their wines in their shipment. If you are already something of an oenophile, you can take an active approach.

You should make a list of wines you want instead of letting your wine club choose for you. When you are ready to make your order, you should ensure it is legal for your wine to be shipped to you. When choosing a wine subscription online, it is important to remember that the wine shipping laws can sometimes be complicated depending on things like how much wine is being shipped, whether the winery has paid full licensing fees, and so on.

It is important to review the costs of any club and remember that with most memberships, you will pay for the wine and the shipment fee. You will get fifteen percent to twenty percent off the producer’s suggested price off each wine bottle. If you buy six bottles and each bottle is worth around twenty dollars then the total cost will be a hundred dollars.

Think small and local

Most vineyards and wineries in Australia, whether large or small, have their own memberships. If you are lucky to live near one, joining may come with extra benefits, such as having extra special sale prices for first dibs or members on new releases. Some clubs have other benefits in addition to regular discounted shipments including free wine tastings and discounted event tickets.

Purchase wisely

You need to be wise on your wine subscription. Wine clubs in Australia are not always the bargains they claim to be. They make money by making up products or by getting you into a membership you forget to cancel. It is important to ensure that the prices are comparable to what is out there. You should also take advantage of discounts and avoid clubs that offer poor quality services.

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