Diwali Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Diwali Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Diwali is one of the most important Hindu festivals. Falling at the near end of the year, Diwali is marked by lighting diyas, candles, bursting firecrackers and beautiful traditional outfits. The festival of Diwali has direct links to Ramayana, the epic. The eve of Diwali is the day Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman return to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. To welcome them with love, the people of the kingdom light up their homes and streets. This tradition is followed to date. Hindu homes are decorated with diyas, and lights and children burst firecrackers to celebrate this occasion.

Other than lights, there is another very important tradition that Hindus follow, which is gifting. Friends, relatives and neighbours visit each other’s homes in traditional clothes and always carry a box of sweets, a chocolate gift, or something special in their hands. These get-togethers see a lot of gift exchanges among other things like card parties, sumptuous dinners, delectable traditional sweets etc.

As we gear up to celebrate Diwali 2022 with our loved ones, we must remember to be well stocked up on gifts for them too. If you are confused about what gifts to give to your loved ones on Diwali, then here are some interesting ideas for you:

Chocolate gifts

Nothing says appreciation, adoration, and respect like a box of luxury chocolate. Gifting your loved ones an impeccable and unique chocolate gift can be a memorable experience for them. Brands like Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates create a variety of chocolate creations that each provide a chocolate experience like no other. 

Premium Stationery

For elders, working professionals or studious young adults, stationery is a great gifting option. Luxury stationery today is pricey, valuable, and extremely stylish to use. If you are visiting your mentors’ or co-workers’ houses, then a premium stationery gift pack will be a suitable Diwali gifting option to pick from.

Luxury perfumes

Unique fragrances always make for an interesting gifting option on special occasions and festivals. A fragrance of a perfume is the right gift if you are visiting a single person, preferably someone who you know quite well. Since perfumes are personal and should suit one’s personality, picking the right perfume gift can be quite the task, however, once accomplished it can translate into the best Diwali gift ever!

Traditional Handwoven/ handloom Items

Since Diwali is one of the main Hindu festivals, gifting your loved one’s traditional handwoven clothing items like sarees, scarves, shawls, kurtas etc can be a memorable gift. Handwoven items are also known to be of high quality and pricey in nature. This makes your gift valuable and long-lasting too. Buying handwoven items also encourages the artisans of India and gives some funds to celebrate their Diwali with happiness too. Gifting handloom or handwoven items is a great way to revive dying art while establishing a sentimental connection with your receivers. 

Scented Candle Set

Scented candles elevate a space and make them look resplendent while also diffusing the room with a dive fragrance. Candles are perfect to decorate living rooms, dining areas, foyers and bedrooms. Scented candles also provide aromatherapy which can calm your senses and bring out a pleasing atmosphere in your home. Hence a luxury scented candle set makes for the perfect gift for the festival of lights!

Other than these main items, you can also look at showpieces, electronics, paintings, crockery etc for more Diwali gift ideas.

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