Dipak Nandi MD: Telemedicine is Critical for any Future Planning against COVID 19

As we find numbers surging with the entire country finding ways to fight against COVID 19, both the CMS and the federal government has relaxed the restrictions on telemedicine. It has stepped up as a key technology with social distancing being one of the major measures to combat COVID 19. It is generally believed that the future looks like that telemedicine is going to become a key alternative for clinical services and decision support.


Agile / Reliable Telehealth Solutions holds the key

Surely, COVID 19 puts forward a challenging test ahead and reliable, agile solutions in telemedicine in these trying circumstances will be in high priority requirement for healthcare facilities. Some if the usages of telemedicine with COVID 19 cases include home isolated/self-isolated patients, patients with mild symptoms (distance treatment and monitoring), patients after discharge (follow ups).

One of the biggest advantages that telehealth or virtual services put forward to the table is cross border experience exchange and with the challenging times coming, healthcare workers/ physicians with milder symptoms can still continue treating their patients.

Involvement of retired clinicians, second opinion for severe cases, tele-radiology, training health workers to address this dreaded pandemic, all can be done with viable solutions in telehealth technologies. It is no surprise that telehealth can directly influence the government’s approach of flattening the curve if it is used wisely!

Demand for telemedicine is on a hyperdrive

Top companies like Teladoc are already witnessing a colossal surge in their share prices! With Medicare offering the same rates of reimbursement, providers are actively looking for telemedicine solutions that can help them expand their patient base while still not getting overwhelmed by the current situation.

With this pandemic spurring so many changes across the globe, it appears that telemedicine is going to play a key role in how US healthcare will be delivering care by leveraging and investing further on telemedicine.

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