Create Great Trade Show Walls with These Tips

Being at a trade show means you get to see customers face to face, but only if they see you first. That is the challenge of a trade show, to be seen and generate interest so you can make a real connection with potential customers and perhaps turn that into a sale.

Trade Show Walls are a great way to do this because they really tie the exhibit together and offer space for a theme or branding. But there are ways that you can enhance the walls of the trade show booth to try to draw attention and tactics you can use that will help you have more success.

Today, we will review these tips so you can start to better promote your brand and business at your next trade show.

Graphics – Trade shows can get crowded very quickly and make your booth blend in with the rest. So you want to use high-quality graphics that stand out and catch the eye of visitors. Your graphics should be in high resolution and bold to capture attention. Think of using large banners or display walls. When you create your graphics, make sure you use big and bold text that is easy to read from a distance.

Customized Displays – Trade show materials can always be customized and you should add something that is specific to your business on each display, even if it is just the logo or some basic business information. To make your trade show walls and other displays unique, you need to use the business name as much as possible. You should also try to customize certain parts of the display to fit the specific audience for that show.

Direct Mail – You can start to plant the seeds for getting attention before you even attend the trade show. Using elements like direct mail over email can help increase traffic. Use colors on your materials, personalize anything you can within the mail, like links for online surveys or ways that you can make it easier for people to register for events or make an appointment.

Keep Track of Your Results – When attending a trade show, there’s no real way to keep count of how many people stop by, but you can track your success. Gather business cards from others at the trade show or use a promotion through other materials, like a QR code to keep a number of how many people visited and requested information about your business.

Follow Up with People – If you make a contact or connection with either a pending customer or another vendor, keep in touch with them and make sure they remember the reason they stopped and saw you. Follow up with the people who took a few moments with you and make sure they know you haven’t forgotten about them and they won’t forget about you.

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