Common Questions From Customers About Composite Decking Answered

Customers always ask numerous questions about composite decking Perth before installing it. This is generally a good thing. Most of the questions asked by different customers are similar and we are going to give detailed answers to some of the most popular questions from customers.

Does composite decking look as good as wood?

Most people think that since composite decking is partially made from synthetic materials, it doesn’t have some natural warmth possessed by natural wood decking. Most composite deck boards don’t look cheaper than hardwood products. Composite decking is designed to emulate the beauty of real wood. The boards are typically textured finishes and have an authentic look of wood and it is practically impossible to differentiate composite decking from real wood.

Do composite deck boards last?

This question has no straight answer because the answer will depend on the decking supplies Perth in question. Composite decking that is hollow is normally short-lived, often cracking and bowing within a few months of purchase. This doesn’t mean that all composite decking materials don’t last. Solid composite decking is sturdy and this is why some suppliers will give you over 20-year warranty.

Do composite wood materials scratch easily?

This will depend on the quality of composite materials you buy. As we have already mentioned above, some boards are very sturdy. Sturdy materials are hard to scratch and keep out moisture.

Why composite decking is overpriced

This is a very common question from composite decking Perth customers. It is impossible to find high-quality composite decking at a cheap price. It is, however, unfair to say that it is overpriced. You tend to get value for your money. It is important to remember that however the money you might have saved on cheap and low-quality decking, you will end up spending more money on maintenance, repairs and replacing your boards.


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