Cannabis Oil: How to do it at Home?


Extracting cannabinoids is the key to access the analgesic and psychoactive benefits of marijuana. From there you can create medicinal products that have begun to be used for epilepsy or, in more home-made, ointments that relieve muscle aches and arthritis, cure migraine or insomnia, or the simplest of all: drops for laugh and open your appetite, which is something that does not hurt anyone. PharmaCielo Ltd., a company based in Canada and Tony Wile the CEO, Director and co-founder become a leading supplier of naturally grown and processed, standardized medicinal-grade cannabis oil extracts and related products.

Properties and medical Benefits of Marijuana

On the properties and medical benefits of marijuana, that so solemn that it is called “the scientific community” does not reach an agreement, but on a daily basis there is empirical evidence that covers them: from a decrease in the frequency of epilepsy attacks, to a feeling of well-being in people with chemotherapy treatments that, as is known, are like going to one of the circles of hell.

However, so many years of bareta under the rope left us a gigantic share of ignorance. Ultimately: what is marijuana? Why does it work? To summarize, marijuana is a plant like any other, but with a power that crosses the analgesic and, you know, the psychoactive. That power resides in the cannabinoids, organic compounds that lodge in structures called trachoma’s, tiny hairs that cover the leaves and the flower of the plant, and in whose tip a tiny leak of a transparent substance and pegachenta condenses. Each droplet contains cannabinoids, which are responsible for making us feel good when we consume marijuana.

Although cannabis and hemp are the same plant, we call cannabis the plant that has buds rich in TCH, and hemp to the varieties that are grown for fibber and that have low levels of TCH. The amount of THC – the cannabinoid responsible for making us feel trapped – and the amount of CBD – a cannabidiol associated with analgesic and anti-inflammatory sensations – determine the type of mixture used to make drops, ointments and oils.

Use of cannabis and Hemp:

Is there any use of all this? Much, so much that the pharmaceutical companies already noticed that there is a business of many millions, and maybe we can be shortly to lose again the direct access to the benefits of the plant, this time because some cluster wants to have a monopoly of its exploitation.

Hence, there is a certain importance in which any citizen can access a marijuana bag with freedom and, above all, that he knows that he can take advantage of it for various purposes, in addition to burning it in a cigarette.

Juan Camilo Jaramillo is a biologist with a master’s degree in marine affairs and politics. In his house he carries out a process called “alcoholic extraction of cannabinoids”, and with them he elaborates ointments and drops for his own consumption. This is a manual process that anyone can repeat at home, however, for the final steps, we recommend consulting an expert to avoid smearing it with the balance between TCH and CBD. We also recommend using this extract only for topical use.

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