Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing


WhatsApp Messenger is an electronic messaging platform owned by Facebook. It permits users to send messages, images, videos, documents, user location, and alternative media, as well as creating video and voice calls. Initially, many folks used WhatsApp as an electronic messaging app, now this electronic messaging app can’t be neglected in business. It’s a straightforward way to catch up customers for immediate service and a potential way to do extremely targeted marketing. Nowadays it has become an integral part of each smartphone user. WhatsApp marketing is certainly the most popular way to grow business online.

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What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp Marketing is a new-fashioned approach of promoting to reach, have interaction and convert potential prospects using the WhatsApp platform. All you would need is a mobile application in your device to call or send messages through the internet. Moreover, if you’re planning to launch a brand new product or you wish to tell your customers regarding your new service, WhatsApp Marketing is the fastest way to make it possible.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing

The most vital thing as to why business individuals wish to use WhatsApp Marketing is that it’s already being employed by more than a billion users globally. Over eightieth of smartphones, users use this application. As well as, nearly sixty-five billion messages are sent through WhatsApp daily.

  • Availability of Users on Platform
  • Most of WhatsApp users check the application a minimum of forty-three times daily
  • Quick Response Time on WhatsApp
  • Ability to reach Users in Time
  • Subscription-Based Updates
  • 450 Billion Daily Users

WhatsApp allows you to send media files like catalogues, e-books and brochures to your customers. Whereas in the email you have to prepare a separate promotional mail with a lot of efforts for the same. In comparison, WhatsApp makes it easier to put across your idea.

Customer engagement is an extremely important factor in any business and WhatsApp makes it really easy to have a conversation with your clients in real-time. It helps to create a powerful communicative area between customers and business representatives by sending easy and clear messages for better engagements.

WhatsApp is the best app to launch new merchandise or services globally. One can simply advertise their business through WhatsApp where it can be disseminated to a maximum number of shoppers in a less amount of time. It’s a decent promotional application for any businesses.

WhatsApp permits making totally different teams for specific functions such as updating daily work, client-related new tasks, timing cluster for a gathering, discussion regarding new tasks, etc. This vital feature helps the business team members to get updated data and build up as an efficient business team.

WhatsApp Messenger Versions

  1. WhatsApp Messenger for Users
  2. WhatsApp Business
  3. WhatsApp Internet Version
  4. WhatsApp for Business owners

We would suggest using WhatsApp Business because this app was created keeping in mind the business desires of various corporations.

Following are some of the helpful options of the business version:

  • You can create a Business Profile with all the vital data regarding your business
  • You can organise Contacts using Labels (Prospects, Suspects, Leads, and Customers,etc.)
  • Automatic Responses and Greetings if people want to interact with your business and no agent is present
  • You can set up operational hours and send an automatic response in non-working hours
  • Fast replies for common queries from customers
  • Ability to use WhatsApp Business API

Methods of WhatsApp Marketing

  • WhatsApp Integration
  • WhatsApp Group
  • WhatsApp Automation using API
  • WhatsApp Broadcast List
  • WhatsApp Status Update

WhatsApp chat is one of the best and simple techniques for connecting with potential customers on the web site. With the digital promotion, our primary goal is to bring the user to our web site. From our web site, we are able to simply encourage the users to do a quick WhatsApp chat, and we get the lead for our business.

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