The Benefits of The 5 Axis Cutting Machines in The Industry

5 axis cutting

Accuracy and expertise in finishing their products have been greatly enhanced by the manufacturers because of the rapid growth of technology and adaptation of the methods best suited for working on the shop floor, As CNC or the Computerized Numerical Control machines in actively in action in almost all spheres of working, getting the minute and severe cuts are no more any problem.  The technology today has advanced to such an extent that getting even 5 axis cutting with perfection has become an easy task. If you are new to the industry or is not aware of the methods and benefits, it is better to get some for your benefit. By being knowledgeable with the working and benefits of this type of cutting, you can roll out perfect products from your store.

The Principle of 5 Axis Cutting

To put it in simple words, by the 5 axis cutting technology you can move the cutting tools of your machinery in five different axes, that too in a simultaneous manner. This can be done only the CNC machines as they can rotate in the extra two axes while working on the other three at the same time. In other words, it saves a lot of time and energy by working simultaneously on multi-dimensions for cutting and getting difficult angles.  Even so, perfection is not reached in the traditional way of cutting.

5 axis cutting machine

The Benefits of 5 Axis Cutting

There are several benefits of using 5 axis cutting technology. You can cut out the perfect shape even from complex surfaces by using the % axis cutting technology. Apart from being cost and tie effective there are multiple other benefits and more and more manufacturers are embracing this relatively new technology to complete the precision job of machining correctly and earn a reputation.

  • Shaping up complex designs – With 5 axis cutting, you can get intricate designs and shapes along with the arcs easily by keeping the material in a single position which is otherwise needed to be shifted or adjusted to get each form. In this cutting, using the CNC machine is no less like a cakewalk. There is no human intervention required here as the machine does the entire tough job even where the angles are pre-set.
  • The accuracy for rotation –  As the material that is given shape stays fixed in a particular position, in the 5 axis cutting the rotational accuracy is maintained throughout the process. You can do away with the task of setting the cutting so that the material gets different cuts as it sets rotational accuracy shifts by the use of 5 axis cutting.
  • Minimizes the setup process – In 5 axis cutting, this process of cutting takes place faster as it completes the entire work in a single set up. In traditional methods where lathe machines and grinders have used the set up of the material needed much time and scales were to be read and adjusted minutely. Complex geometric angles that were needed to be fixed manually are no longer required with this new cutting technology.
  • Better finish and faster material removal – The other two axes that work in unison with the other 3 allows the cutting materials to come closer to the cutting tools by adjusting themselves according to the feed.  This reduces the vibration even after the fact that the work done is of high speed. It provides a smooth finish of the surface.  Again, the cycle times of changing the material to be cut are reduced considerably as the cutting tools of the 5 axis cutting machine tend to stay at a tangential position.


Embracing new technology is the call of the day. In the present competitive market, providing high-quality material at least possible time is the key to success. 5 axis cutting machines are perfect in this regard to be used in gaining an advantage over the competitors to manufacture an ideal end product that will satisfy the customer.

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