Belongings to Think About Before Buying a Home

Giving Away The Keys

While the task is complicated, choosing the place where you will spend the rest of your life is one of the most rewarding tasks there is.

So that you do not have doubts when choosing your home or apartment, we present some tips that you have to handle before encouraging you to take this big step. Also take suggestion from expert like Lenny Wong Toronto or also known as Len Wong  a Toronto based business executive and founder of Genetix Consulting.

You do not have to be the ‘owner’

Some people will tell you that paying rent is throwing away money, but there are many advantages in renting, especially if you have to move a lot of space or if you are still not sure of the area that most suits you.

The recommendation of the “uncle” is not the last sound:

Remember that what worked in the past or for certain specific people, does not necessarily apply to your situation, especially with the changing real estate market.

Take the time to act as devil’s advocate

If a home or apartment you like, it’s time to find all the buts. Does the toilet work properly? Does the air conditioner work? Is there enough water pressure? How is the noise level at different times of the day? How much additional do you have to invest in it to make it perfect?

Work with experienced professionals

Get a good broker who knows everything in detail about the property and who is licensed, lawyers who draft contracts, notaries who certify. There is nothing worse than saving on issues that only increase risk.

Decide with your head, not your heart:

Do not be afraid to let something go that you like because it seems like a bad business. There will be other properties, maybe even better. Remember that this is a financial transaction and that the terms that suit you must be fulfilled.

Do not feel pressured

Brokers or commercial executives of certain projects are experts in their subject. They know that, if they tell you that there are more people interested in the same property, you will want to hurry to close the deal.

Be strict with your budget:

What you can really pay, either in cash or as a monthly dividend of a loan is what should guide your purchase, no matter how attractive an option is. If you are outside these parameters, it will only bring you a headache later.

Gardens and courtyards are work:

Almost everyone likes the idea of having a garden, but if you’re not used to keeping one (or paying to do so) it’s better to think twice.

Buy the property that you can pay now, not later

Even if you’re pretty sure that in one or two years you’ll earn more money, you do not have to control other variables that can hurt your budget. Therefore, adjust yourself to your reality.

The search may take longer than you think:

It is important to start looking in advance. You have to take into account the time it will take you to implement the new space and how much it will take you to move, which when you leave the previous site, you can live in the next with comfort.

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