Advantages of E-commerce for Consumers and for Companies

There are a lot of advantages that, today, the Internet offers to businesses whether they are large or small. Having a web page is always a good idea, since it gives you an online presence, makes your potential customers find you more easily and is a practical and modern showcase of your products and services. But there is a time that not only serves with having a web portal in person, but you have to launch into the world of online sales. And, currently, almost everything (if not all) is already sold online.

In our post today we want to analyze the advantages that E-commerce or electronic commerce has, not only for the consumer, but also for the merchant.

Advantages for the consumer:

  • Ease and comfort: It is the most obvious. We all buy today online especially for the convenience of being able to make the purchase at anytime from anywhere, at home, at work, on vacation, etc.
  • Accessibility: We can also buy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, since electronic stores do not close … No need to worry about the schedule, the parking, the pressure of the vendor and the queues.
  • Information: The Internet is a place full of information. We can find all the data on prices, features, opinions of other users, photos, instructions, tips.
  • Freedom: We can look at 1000 stores before deciding to buy one in particular. We can compare and decide.
  • Knowledge of new products and services: On the Internet we can discover in a short time a wide range of new products and services that we would not have known through traditional commerce.
  • Privacy and Security: We can buy with maximum privacy and with maximum security, trust is fundamental in these two aspects of the purchase process.

Advantages for the company:

  • An e-commerce can be created in a very short time and with little budget. Everything depends on the needs. In addition, we will reach our audience with ease and immediacy.
  • By selling online we save any kind of cost of everything that is offline and can be replaced by online (sellers, stores, furniture, stock, etc.)
  • We will also save storage and distribution in store and we can allocate the distribution exclusively to the final consumer.
  • Improve the interaction and customer loyalty, as we will have more facilities in collecting customer data, interests, purchasing habits and tastes.
  • Internet is a new communication channel with the client. We do not have to give up the physical sale but if we both have a way of reaching the customer it will be double.
  • We can sell, thanks to the globalization of markets, in any market and anywhere in the world.

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