6 Justifications Why Playing Fantasy Sports on Dream11 is Ideal for you

Dream 11

The passion for fantasy sports is spread across the globe and India is not an exception. It has become a great source of entertainment among the masses. In short, fantasy sports is an online prediction game. Here you get an opportunity to create a virtual team of real players and earn points based on their performance on the ground.

If you are new to the online gaming world, note that it is a special feeling to use your intuitions and predict the match result and earn some extra cash for it. However, winning in a fantasy game requires you to combine your gaming knowledge, strategy, and a bit of luck as well.

Know About Fantasy Sports Apps in India

Fantasy sports in India have witnessed tremendous growth in recent years. With 10 apps in 2016 to over 150 apps now, it is a tough ask for game enthusiasts to decide which app is suitable to quench their thirst for online games. 

Almost all the fantasy apps do the same thing; choosing players with certain credits, play in contests, making payouts, etc. Dream11 is no different here. However, Dream11’s scale of doing business is the differentiator.

In the last year, the user base of Dream11 had over 50 million and achieved $150 million in revenue, far better than its competitors. This year with a few rule changes, the company is likely to get much better transactions on its platform, making it an ideal choice.

Fantasy Cricket on Dream11

It has become a tradition amongst users to anticipate fantasy cricket as Dream11 is famous for providing a richer cricketing experience online. Interestingly 90% of the users are subscribed to Dream11 as it provides a seamless understanding of the game and adopts as per the technology changes regularly.

Why Dream11 is an Ideal Choice?

Dream11 is trustworthy because it allows you to boost your gaming skills and let you win real cash rewards. It is arguably the biggest IPL fantasy sports game in India right now. So, before getting started, understand a few things about why Dream11 is ideal for you:

1. Flexibility to Play Only Selective Matches

Since fantasy cricket requires a great deal of gaming knowledge and strategic planning, it is best to utilize the flexibility to play only selective matches. As a beginner, it will be the greatest mistake of your life if you choose to play every match for financial gain. Hence, Dream11 offers to play in practice matches to understand the rules of the game before start investing in contests to earn money.

2. Get the Detailed Player Performance Statistics

Besides getting live ball-by-ball match commentary and dynamic scorecards, you get detailed statistics on player performance and their fantasy scores as a user. It helps in finalizing the player for your team and deciding to include them as per their necessity for the squad.

3. The ‘Groups’ Feature

If any of your family members or friends are also interested to play fantasy sports then, the ‘groups’ feature lets you create a group, and invite them for a customized contest. The customized leaderboard also allows you to track the group competition.

4. The ‘Flexible’ Private Contests

After the launch of ‘flexible’ private contests on Dream11, the users are free to create contests with an informal number of users, and they do not have the compulsion to complete participation.

5. Assurance of Providing an Invariable Gaming Experience

Whenever there is a big tournament like the IPL fantasy league, Dream11 sets up a war room of eminent Sportans to look after the technical aspects and support round the clock for providing the best user experience.

6. Powering Contests With In-house Solutions

Dream11 has been using the solutions like Torque, Funnel Analytics, Fence, mobile app automation, scaffolding, etc. to reduce the platform’s absurdity and improve maintenance for continuous customer satisfaction. So, what do these solutions do?

  1. Funnel Analytics –Offering the best user experience to over 120 million users is so satisfying but it comes with a lot of challenges. So, Dream11 uses a funnel analytics tool, DataAware to perceive user behaviour trends. As it was built by in-house engineers, it encourages us to fill the gaps that were previously missing.
  2. Mobile App Automation – Since the Dream11 app works on all devices, including Android and iOS, and releases new features regularly, the performance must be smooth. Hence, the in-house mobile app automation framework supports enhancing efficiency and reducing the run time, thereby allowing teams to perform feature regression and release regression without any hitches.
  3. Fairplay violation detection system – Dream11 ensures every user win prizes fairly and transparently. So, they have a fairplay violation detection system in place called FENCE (Fairplay Ensuring Network Chain Entity) developed by the in-house engineers. The tool efficiently detects fairplay violations and the user must face the consequences.


Dream11 team is working continuously to provide the best possible fantasy cricket experience to the users. So, they use all the superior technological advancement tools to innovate the growth patterns to establish the beneficial factors in the application. Stay tuned to Dream11 to get to know about all the new features and other advantages.

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