6 Easy Tips to Store your Kitchen Gadgets and Utensils

How do you store small kitchen gadgets?

Most people pay heed to the size and design of the kitchen before moving into a new place. It is important because the kitchen is one of the significant spaces in a house or an apartment. Although your modern kitchen design may seem quite large at the beginning when you first move in, it starts feeling smaller over time. This is because you keep buying new things and adding them to the kitchen design. Slowly, the kitchen starts appearing a little cluttered. The longer you live in that house or apartment, the more cluttered your kitchen gets. As a result, your kitchen feels smaller despite moving into a place that has a large modern kitchen design.

You can prevent this from happening by following a few easy tips and tricks. Mentioned below are a few great ways to organize kitchen gadgets and utensils:

1 ) Remove the things that are not required

To ensure that your modern kitchen design does not appear cluttered, you need to get rid of the unnecessary things from the kitchen. This is a very common way to declutter your kitchen because many homeowners often feel extremely tempted and end up buying a few kitchen supplies that they use only once or twice. If you too have a lot of kitchen supplies that are not used or very rarely used, you should consider storing them somewhere else to free up more kitchen space. In case the kitchen supplies are worn or a little damaged, donate or recycle them. By reducing the number of kitchen supplies, you can instantly create more space in the kitchen.

2 ) Use the walls to hang items

To make more space in the kitchen, you can consider making or buying a pegboard and installing it on a wall so that you can use it to hang utensils when required. It can be also be used to hang towels and potholders. By making use of the wall space, you are creating more storage options. Also, it is easier to spot a spatula or spoon while cooking if it is hanging.

3 ) Add dividers in the drawers

Just you need partitions in your home interior design, your utensil drawers need dividers as well. This divider can either be a store-bought divider or a custom-made divider. A customised divider works great in organising all your kitchen crockeries and cutleries according to their sizes, shapes, and even frequency of use. Hence, you should always consider creating dividers for your kitchen drawers.

4 ) Use a remote control carousel for additional storage

A remote control carousel may not be meant for the kitchen, but you can surely use it for various purposes. Instead of using it to store remote controls, store utensils of various sizes and shapes. There are many compartments in some of them and you can use each compartment to store a few specific items. You can also use a rotating, tiered snack organizer for this purpose. Just keep it on the countertop near the stove area.

5 ) Do not clutter the drawers

While cooking, it will be very inconvenient if you have to ruffle through the drawers to find a spatula or spoon. To prevent this hassle, you should look for other alternative storage options. Consider using the kitchen island or the countertops for storing your kitchen utensils and gadgets. However, make sure that they are organized in a proper manner. Otherwise, leaving everything on the countertops and kitchen island will only make the modern kitchen design appear cluttered. For instance, store your spoons and knives in decorative mugs or jars and place them on the countertops. Besides making cooking more convenient, it will enhance the overall home interior design as well.

6 ) Add a movable cart to the kitchen setup

If your kitchen is a little small in size, a movable cart is one of the greatest addition to your kitchen. It will offer plenty of additional storage options. You can opt for one that features many drawers and shelves as well. Also, you can easily move it out of the kitchen and to some other place when the kitchen seems too cluttered.

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