5 Secrets for an Outstanding Law School Diversity Statement

law school diversity statement

We all understand the importance of writing a winning essay. Throughout your schooling, you would write many essays. Some are more important than others, but in the end, all add up to the main goal. When it comes to writing a law school diversity statement, it becomes a bit more serious. You have to use all of the essay writing skills you have built up through the years. It is going to be challenging, but it is not impossible.

Have a clear idea of the importance of this essay. It is also going to need you to commit some time and effort to the process. Do not let this overwhelm you, but instead see it as a challenge. There is nothing you cannot do and this is simply a paper. If you think about it in that way, while not forgetting the importance, you can win. These tips will help you achieve those goals.

1.     Outline

Whenever you write an essay, be sure to create an outline. This is going to help you stay on track and not get off-topic. We all need a little guidance from time to time. Your outline will also help you include all of the important facts. If you just start writing without a plan, it is easy to forget some information that could make your diversity statement great.

2.     Show yourself

The foundation of this essay should be about you. There is a profound reason why you decided to attend law school. Be sure to highlight these reasons. When you write a diversity statement, it can be a little indulgent. Taking a trip down memory lane should be exactly what you do. Take your time to think about what events in your life lead you to this path.

3.     Tell a story

Every reader likes a good story and your diversity statement should be no different. You need to become the storyteller of your own life. It should be exciting and fun to do this. Do not become too technical at this stage. Simply tell your story as you would if you were talking to a friend. This should be the most engaging and interesting way to go about it.

4.     Short but in detail

You want to share as much detail as possible, while still keeping the essay short. It should highlight the most important factors of who you are. Include as much detail as possible, without dragging it out too much. Consider the reader at all times. There will be a lot of essays to read. Make sure you grab their attention from your opening statement.

5.     Edit

Do not hand your first draft. Always proofread and edit your essay. It does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with it, but it helps to give you peace of mind. Even if you simply eliminated one little error, the process would be worth it. When it comes to diversity essay writing it is easy to make mistakes. It is just as easy to correct it.

How to make your diversity statement for law school outstanding

Your story is enough. Be truthful when you share your story. We always have the tendency to want to add something better to what is already great. Do not fabricate anything. You have to trust that what you put on paper will be enough. The life you lived up until this point is enough.

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