5 Offbeat Locations from Delhi for Couples


India is country full of beauty. Here one can find different designation for couples. In this article we will describe 5 Offbeat locations from Delhi for couples.

Switzerland’s kausani Sunrise and Sunset Beautiful Views
Kausani, the birthplace of the great poet Sumitranandan Pant, was named as Baptism of India. In Kausani, tourists from all over the country come from all over the country and enjoy the mountainous region. Located at an elevation of 1890 meters above sea level, Kausani offers a very beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.

Tourists who like the risks can enjoy trekking (hiking) and rock climbing (rocks climbing). Beautiful Dhogue Trek, Pundari Glacier Trek and Millum Glacier Trek are among the best trekking routes in India. This place is also known for celebrating MakarSankranti, a festival of Hinduism, which is called Uttarananyi here.

Pithoragarh a city for couples

Pithoragarh is a city of Uttarakhand state and it is the gateway to the powerful Himalayan range. Located in the beautiful Tire Valley, this town is in Almora district in the north. In the east, neighboring Nepal is a neighboring country with black river. Most of these temples are made of the time of time and fortresses of Pal and Dynasty. Brahma rulers ruled this for a short time in the 15th century. Later, the rulers of Chand Dynasty rejailed it and ruled by the British until it came to power.

Tourists can see the KapileshwarMahadev Temple in Pithoragarh. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Gods of Hindus. According to some folklore, famous sage Kapil had done penance at this place. On the occasion of the festival of Shivratri, a huge crowd of devotees comes to the temple. Located at a distance of 8 km to the south of Pithoragarh, ThalKedar is the center of another popular religious attraction. There is also a chance to roam the beautiful sanctuary, Ashurutula. It is 20 km from Pithoragarh.

Kanatal – A best Honeymoon Destination

The scenic places in the Kanatal especially the natural beauty of this place. Tourists visiting the place are Surakhanda Devi Temple, Kodiya Jungle and Tehri Dam. For the wild animals and nature lovers, the forest here is also full of explanatory things.If your destiny is supported, here you can see the crab (barking bison), wild boar and deer around your house. Along with this, a variety of birds can also see medicinal plants as well.

Areas surrounding the community include, DhanultiIt is 12 km Is at a distance of. This is also a very beautiful hill station. Apart from this, beautiful Chamba is situated at a distance of 16 km from Kannat. A well-known tourist place, Mussoorie, is 37 kilometers from Kannat, which is famous for Kempty Falls and other attractions.

Through the lofty terraces of the mountains and the barkhakti, surrounded by greenery, we get to see the young girls ‘surroundings surrounded by lush green hills in a quiet environment after a few minutes’ journey. Nukuchiya Tal is situated about five kilometers from Bhimtal and about 26 km from Nainital. There are two villages on the way between Bhimtal to Nukuchiyal, where the eyes of green fields are seen.


The navigational height of the sea is 1290 meters, which is less than that of Bhimtal. The length of this lake is around one kilometer, the width is more than half a kilometer and the depth is more than 40 meters. The size of this lake is unique in its own right, it is the whole nine corners of the lake, due to these nine corners, this lake is known as Nukuchiyal. According to legendary Kiddhivi and local people, who say that the entire nine corners of this lake are seen in one go, they get liberation. Well, no one has given us anything from this rift, but we were coming to take a panoramic view of the lake.



Mussoorie, called the “Queen of the Hills”, is a beautiful city situated in the lap of the nature of Uttarakhand, the Queen of Mountains, Mussoorie is one of the main tourist destinations of Dehradun, where on one side of the vast Himalayas, On the other hand, the unique beauty of the scattered nature in the Done valley gives peace to the tourists. In the Mussoorie is filled with pine trees. A dense forest is a waterfall surrounded by forest and attracts tourists; Mussoorie is one of the main attractions of tourism, which attracts tourists from its beauty. Foreign tourists also come here regularly in the spirit of spiritual happiness.

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