4 Ideas For The Geekiest Wedding Proposals

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Have you gotten your nerdy engagement and nerdy wedding rings online ready, and are planning on popping the all-important question to your beloved? If yes, you must think hard and long concerning how you plan on doing it and find a creative way to do it. Both of you will remember your proposal for many years into the future, so you must be capable of looking back onto it and laughing and smiling about how clever the idea happened to be then. Check out the following geeky proposal ideas and consider using one when the time to do it and settle down arrives.

  1. Create a comic book featuring your personal story as a couple

Are you fans of being seated reading comic books? Or is it the love of your life that loves reading them? Then you should take using this to ask him/her to marry you, into consideration. The comic book’s plot should be focused on the many of your relationship’s ups and downs and should end with the question you intend asking. You will both be capable of reading the coming book in the years ahead and to include new chapters to it during your actual marital life.

  1. Program a video game that helps pop the question

From Bejeweled to Super Mario Bros, there are a couple of video games that were programmed in the past that helped gamers in proposing. If you’ve seen people buying nerdy wedding rings in the online market, or done so yourself, then you’ve probably seen such videos on product landing pages. This would require some work from your side to accomplish the programming, but it will certainly be truly worth it at the end of the day when your beloved beholds the ‘Will You Marry Me’ (or any other variation of the question) question on the screen.

  1. Develop a website that signifies why you happen to be the perfect match

There are several and varying dating websites out there that promise to find suitable matches for members. Now that you’ve discovered your own perfect match, you could develop your own website and design it in a manner that shows your beloved why the two of you are so perfect together. You will also be capable of later utilizing the website to show family and friends why you two are so compatible when you eventually announce your engagement.

  1. Develop a board game that ends with both of you as winners

Several couples love unwinding by being seated and playing board games. Why don’t you develop your own personal game and let it also serve as an exciting means of helping you to propose? Whether you integrate dice into the equation, or you create alternative means of moving around the game board, the game only needs to end with the two of your being engaged and also both walking away as real winners.

In concluding, there are several and other varying fun and exciting ideas for the geekiest wedding proposals, using amazing nerdy engagement and nerdy wedding rings online. But these are the foremost ones among them. If you can use any of these ideas, you will certainly end up with a proposal to be remembered.

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