3 Things That You Can Enjoy Being a Panda Volunteer

Are you tired of the monotonous rhythm of your daily life? Then, take a break from your regular schedule, pack your bag, and start your trip to China. And if you want to experience something amazing that does not come in the common bucket list, then warm up yourself for an off-beat experience with a panda volunteering program. Although these cute animals were labeled as endangered, with the help of various organizations including WWF, now, they have been brought back to the vitality. Several organizations are arranging panda volunteering program for the travelers who want to witness the activities of these little balls from far away and spend time with them.

And to take part in such a program as a panda volunteer, offered by various companies all that you need is a health certificate. Once you have completed the program successfully, the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) will give you a certificate as well as some souvenir to express their appreciation for your hard work. However, before you enroll yourself in this program and get a lifetime experience, will you like to know about the things that you are going to enjoy there? Here, we put together 3 things that you will experience in this program. Take a look.

  • Feeding Panda

Pandas are lovable creatures and all of us love to spend some time with these cute animals. But in such volunteer programs, you are hardly allowed to come in the close proximity of pandas. However, you will get the opportunity to spend some quality time with them when you take part in a panda volunteering program. Along with observing their activities, and cleaning their enclosure, you will feed the pandas yourself. The trained panda keepers will be there by your side to guide you on how to feed them. And you will experience something amazing during your trip.

  • Taking photos with panda

Would you like to take some photos with pandas that will be a lifetime memory for you? Well, you can fulfill your desire when you are working as a volunteer in this program. Panda base selects only healthy and young pandas who are around 1 year old for this program. You will get 30 seconds for this. And within this duration, the staff will arrange a panda cub sitting by your side and will also capture photos for you. Disturbing the little creature while taking photos is prohibited. This program depends on the condition of the panda, and the panda base can cancel the program at any time.

  • Engaging yourself in sightseeing

If you want to enrich your travel experiences, then along with working as a panda volunteer, there are lots of things in which you can involve yourself. Visit Dujiangyan irrigation system, a UNESCO world heritage site since 2000. This 2200-year-old irrigation system is still at work. You can also visit Mt. Qingcheng, one of the most important Taoist mountains which are regarded as the birthplace of Taoism in China. If you want to get a glimpse of the lifestyles, architectures, and food habits of Sichuan people, then you should visit Jiezi town, an ancient town with a history of more than 1000 years. You can also customize the tour according to your preferences.

These are the general things that you can enjoy when you take part in a panda volunteering program. So, what are you waiting for? Look for a company that offers exciting tours like Panda Travel Chengdu and find the best panda volunteering program for yourself.

Author Bio: Jim Lee, a regular blogger on China adventure tours like Panda Travel Chengdu, he writes 3 things that you will enjoy when you will work as a panda volunteer in such a trip.

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