3 Photography Tips that Nobody has Told You before about Bird Watching in China

Bird Watching in China

Bird watching is not an easy activity as it seems. It needs patience, flexibility, and photography skills. Even if you had mastered the previous two, the last one may be quite difficult. Moreover, when you are trying hard to get a decent photo, you may be running out of ideas. You are not being able to attain uniqueness at any cost. Only a few hacks can save your life.

At many times, people move around winter or summer to get the perfect shot. However, luck is often not with them in mainland China. One of the reasons is that enthusiasts are not aware of a few basic points. As you are going to bird watching in China, Himalayan Griffon, Przevalski’s Nuthatch, Chinese Rubythroat, and many of them are bound to welcome you. So, keep the following aspects in mind to excel at bird watching and photographing simultaneously.

Camouflage should be on Point

You have heard of putting on earthy tones or green colored outfits before going out for a birding. It is best if you can find a leafy outfit which will allow excellent mobility. You can breathe well in the light dress and blend unbelievably amidst the tall grasses. Now, for the photography enthusiasts, a body blind is another essential object.

With the body blind, you can cover your whole body along with the camera and its tripods. The size of it may create a tree-like illusion for the birds. So, you can take a chair, sit on it, adjust your camera and tripods, choose an angle, and click away. The body blind has become popular because of hiding hand movements, too.

Candid Duck Shots for Fun

China is home to an unbelievable range of ducks. White-headed duck, velvet scoter, ruddy shelduck, bean goose, and common shelduck are only a few to name from the never-ending list. Now, if you are visiting the province in early spring, you can catch the birds in their mating ritual. For instance, a common goldeneye may be caught stretching its neck forward. This is the only way to draw hen’s attraction. Also, the wood ducks preen each other for strengthening their connection.

During this time, you should be prepared to shoot when the hen and drake are having eye contact. Deviating from others, the ruddy duck usually beats his bill against the chest for creating water bubbles. Shooting the drake with sunshine upon his eyes and shining black feathers may be an outstanding shot.

Look out for Flight

If you are taking photos of flocks of birds, you should catch them in action. Imagining the birds clouding over the sky? Especially, when one bird takes off, other birds follow the cue. Look out for such events at the end of the day. Also, the birds generally fly towards the place where they roost at night. In these two occasions, you can take amazing photographs. So, you should sit where the light is interesting and the glow of the sun going down is also there.

So, if you want to shoot awestruck bird profile, keep these aspects in mind and book your ticket for Sichuan Birding Tours.

Author bio: Mark Lee, an avid bird watcher taking beautiful photos, has published an article on how to have fun at Sichuan birding tours. Here, he mentions top tips to improve your experience of bird watching in China while shooting beautiful images.

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